Lots of moms asked me how I went food shopping with my newborn twins.  The answer: I didn’t!  (Well, maybe a few times.)  It was winter in Boston and I definitely didn’t want to drag my new babies out in the cold just to get food.  I took advantage of supermarket delivery services for the first time.  What a treat!

Another idea for tackling your food list?  When someone asked me if I needed anything, I usually said YES! Please pick up some milk and eggs for me!  Please grab another loaf of bread and ice cream! (Venmo and Google Pay make it fast and easy to pay someone back these days!) No need to drag out your precious little ones just for a few items.  Take advantage of the friends and family who want to help by telling them exactly what you need.  They will be happy to be helping you out AND you’ll get your food. 
If you do need to head out to the supermarket with your newborns, older babies, or toddlers, I have a few ideas for you. I’ve tried them all!

1. Use a stroller and shopping bags

You can keep your babies in their stroller and simply attach a large shopping bag from home or two overlapping baskets to the stroller handles. No need for a cart in this scenario!  I STILL put my toddlers in the stroller and shop with baskets or a large IKEA bag wrapped around the handle.  My toddlers always get a snack before we go in and they eat while we shop! 

2. Double Carry Your Littles

If you do need more than 15-20 items, you can try double carrying your littles.  This worked great for me when I also had my older daughter.  I loaded up my babies in either my Weego or Twingaroo (depending on age) and put my older daughter in the shopping cart.  Every child was contained so I could move quickly through the store!

3. Try using the shopping cart seat plus carrying one baby. 

This method eases the strain on your body by only carrying one, but you will need to wait until your little one is able to sit nicely in a seat.  I liked the shopping cart covers to keep toys and food contained. 

4. Find stores that have double seats for kids.

Some stores have little cars or double seats attached to the front or back of the giant cart.  My new favorite place to shop is Costco because they have double seats up front.  My little ones LOVE sitting together and they have so much fun!  Shopping is much easier when my kids are happy!   Mom trick: I try to park directly next to the shopping cart return location.  This way I can transfer my kids directly from the car to the cart. 

I haven’t tried adding a seat to the large shopping cart, such as with the Buggy Bench.  That looks like my next purchase!  Both kids can sit and I can fill up the food around the twin in the back of the cart. 
An extra seat for a younger baby?  I just saw they make hammocks, such as the Binxy Baby Hammock, which look cozy for your little one that doesn’t sit upright yet.  You could even do two of these and not carry either twin! 
Possible gifts for the holidays?  Maybe…

As a twin parent, what’s my favorite way to go food shopping in a store? Alone. 

About the author

Robyn Shapiro is TLC’s San Francisco Associate and the mother of toddler fraternal twin boys and a preschool-aged daughter.  Robyn has always worked in education, as a science teacher and English as another language instructor. Robyn’s family recently moved to California to get more help from her family.  She currently takes care of her three kids full-time and loves bringing her skills and knowledge from the education world into her home.  Robyn is excited to share her experience as a twin mom with other expectant twin moms.  You can reach Robyn at robyn@twinloveconcierge.com for more information about our San Francisco services.