It is with great pleasure that we announce that the expertise of  Twin Love Concierge comes to Los Angeles! After many, many Moms from all over the country contacted us for help with their expecting Twins we decided our first office expansion outside of NYC and Connecticut would be the sunny shores of California.

We will be offering Expecting Twins Parent Workshops held at your local Babies’R’Us store and  also our specialised personal consultations all run by renowned Twin maternity expert Kate DiRienzo-Payne:

‘Kate DiRienzo-Payne, originally from Boston, has lived in Los Angeles for over 12 years. She has experience working in the childcare industry as a caregiver and in the pre-schools. However, a year and half ago she became pregnant with twins beginning her journey of becoming a mom to multiples. Living so far from her family meant she and her husband were going to be traveling the road to twins without the close-by support of their families. She set out on learning everything thing there is to know about twins. From taking classes, to reading books, testing products, to speaking with other twin moms.

Alongside working with Twin Love Concierge she is a contributing blogger to other twin organisations nationally. Together with raising two happy, healthy, adventurous twin boys, she is focused on bringing other twin moms in the Los Angeles area together to give each other the support they need.’


Twin Love Concierge continues to be the USA’s only twin exclusive maternity consulting service and our expertise has delivered unprecedented support and advice to hundreds of expecting twins parents nationally. Whether these are your first, send or third babies we can help with it all. Please contact us today so we can help you feel excited and not overwhelmed with your new babies!

Click here for details of our TLC LA Workshops