Congratulations! Your babies have arrived, you are finally getting the hang of things (as best you can) and are getting used to running off of no sleep and caffeine.  The thought of staying in the house day in and day out can be daunting and the time has come to learn how to take your babies out into the world by yourself.  The thought alone can bring up a lot of anxiety, but if you follow these 5 tips to getting out of the house with your twins, hopefully you will feel more empowered, prepared and you might actually enjoy it!

1. Pack the Night Before 

Preparing the diaper bag should not be a rushed event.  Make sure you feel comfortable and prepared with the things that you need: bottles, breast milk or formula, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, two additional outfits per kid, covers or muslin blankets for the car seats and anything else your twins may need.  When you are ready leave, your bag will be packed and you won’t have to worry about missing anything!

2. Do a trial run with putting the babies in the car by yourself

The first time I took the babies in the car by myself I spent way more time than necessary trying to decide the best way to get them in.  Before you attempt this on your own, do a trial run when you have your partner or someone else around.  Practice placing both babies in their car seats in the house, and prepping them for the car.  Learn what works best for you regarding where to place Baby B when loading baby A.  Make sure to also practice taking the stroller out of the car, setting it up, and learning how to remove and install the cars eats prior to your solo trip. This step definitely takes practice and some patience, but will eventually become second nature so that you will be able to grab your babies and go!

3. Timing when you should leave 

Timing is CRUCIAL when aiming for a successful outing.  When you are initially taking your babies out for the first couple of times alone, the best time to do so is right after they have woken up and have been fed.  This will allow you a window of time where they are awake and can be stimulated by new surroundings and noises.  Timing is everything and ideally you want your little ones to be able to enjoy the outing and be awake for it.  That being said, it’s OKAY if one or both babies fall asleep in the car.  It happens and at least you will have been able to get out for a bit too!

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4. Start small and keep it short 

I had big plans for when my twins arrived.  Places I would take them, adventures we would go on.  But when all was said and done those first couple of times going out solo I was just happy to make it around the block and back in the car.  It takes a lot of thought and energy to take kids anywhere let alone twin babies.  Starting small with places like a nearby park, outdoor mall, or coffee shop are ideal. Ideally you want to make a short trip, keeping it around an hour.  When you start feeling comfortable, work your way up to longer stretches out. 

5. Adjust your expectations and be proud of yourself 

You are already a rock star mom for having twins.  You are managing the lives of two little’s and keeping them alive and it is hard work!  In most peoples eyes you are already a hero and it’s important you start viewing yourself that way. Leaving the house with out all of your comforts can be scary, and things will most likely happen that are out of your control.  Reminding yourself that it’s okay if things don’t go as planned or of your outing has to be cut short.  Be proud of yourself that you attempted to get out of the house with you twins! The more your practice, the easier it will get!

About the author

Amber Lopez Molnar is TLC’s LA Associate and an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes Infertility, Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders and LGBTQ Issues.  She is the proud mom to 2 ½ year old fraternal twin boys, Luke and Everett.  When not running around after them, she works part time in a group practice where she works with moms from conception to postpartum.  Due to Amber’s experiences and education, she is passionate about helping expecting moms of multiples be prepared on all levels for the arrival of your little ones through the first year.  For more information about our Los Angeles classes or to contact Amber, please email her at