It’s come to that awful stage in Twin parents lives when its time for us to give up the buggy! Our Twins are turning 4 in May and as sad as it is, the girls are old enough to not need it so much anymore. We have loved many a pushchair – icandy peach blossom, joovy twin roo+, peg perego book for two, delta umbrella double…all valuable members of our extended family but now we move on. We don’t however want to let go of our adventuring. As much as the scooters allow the girls to travel further than on foot, we still need that next stage option which is where the Yippie Yo buggy fits perfectly.

Is it a wagon or a buggy?

Technically it is a cross buggy. A very smart combination of a pushchair and a hand-drawn cart which allows for all sorts of use from up and down hills to the beach, woods, mountains and lots of outdoor fun! So far ours has been to the Cotswold’s for some cross-country excursions and Kensington Palace Gardens for a long stroll.

How did it feel?

I have to admit my Husband and I were surprised! Once setup, which took us a matter of minutes, it was very easy to maneuver and a delight to pull. The girls hopped in straight away and their combined weight of 30+kgs felt like nothing at all. One of the problems we have with our current buggy is its increasingly hard to get up over sidewalks due to them hitting the high weight capacity. Being able to pull them along without any worries about safety or struggles for different terrains was much appreciated and definitely the stand out feature of the Yippie Yo.

It’s in the detail

The cross buggy has very good suspension due to the low center of gravity with generous 14 inch wheels. The 2 x five point harnesses in our model meant the girls were safely buckled in and comfortable in their padded seats. The hand brake allows you stop within moments without the dreaded smack into the back of your legs which happens with most wagons. The messenger bag was also an added bonus as it attaches easily to the back of the seat and alongside the back pockets the buggy can hold all the necessities you need (snacks, waters, dolls in our case?!).

Who is this for?

If I was to identify who this buggy would work best for, I would say active mums and dads who are either looking for their next stage pushchair or parents that want to get outdoors with the kids and can’t bare the drama with strollers and sand, downward descents etc. Its completely customisable with colours, accessories and more, which allows you to, chose the look and function that works best for your family.

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