Both of my twins suffer with very dry skin and one has a minor strain of eczema but I really don’t like to use steroid cream as it really thins the skin and you can end up going round in circles using it on infants skin, so I was really excited to try these products and they most definitely did not disappoint.

Upon receiving the range of Mustela products I was extremely impressed with the design and look of the products. They came with a lovely handwritten note explaining what the best ways to use them, which was a lovely touch as when you buy something over the counter you never know if you are using them correctly or what they are specifically designed for.

Dry Skin

For the twin with patches of dry skin I was sent the nourishing lotion with cold cream. It had a lovely scent to it which at first worried me a little as usually anything scented isn’t great for sensitive skin but I was willing to give it a try. After his bath I massaged it all over focusing on the areas with bad patches, the cream itself was light, silky and soaked in really nicely leaving no excess residue like heavier products I’ve used.

Lovely and soft

I personally don’t like cream on my hands but with Mustela I happily rubbed it in and it left my hands feeling lovely and soft. He had a particularly had a bad patch on his face. The next morning the redness and roughness from the particular patch on his face had really reduced and the rest of his body was so soft and smooth I was really looking forward to the results from continuous results. After 4 days of using the products his whole body was free from dry skin and the patch on his face had pretty much disappeared.

Relief at last

For my other twin who has dry skin and some patches of eczema I was sent stelatopia cleansing cream to use as a shower gel and the stelatopia emollient balm. I was really happy to have a product to use in the bath as I’ve tried so many different products for them and they all seem to dry there skin out. Again it had such a lovely silly feeling to it even mixed with water and when I’d dried him off after he didn’t feel as dry as usual which seemed to make him more comfortable to be dried. I then applied the balm which was a lovely thick texture and covered his skin really nicely.

Both of these products for eczema were scent free and the coating made the skin feel smoother straight away. I was really impressed with the coverage of the cream as with eczema it really needs to coat and soak into flared up patches to improve them. Usually his patches take up to a week to go down with other products and steroid cream but the next day there was a vast improvement over his whole body and especially the patches from his latest flare up. Again within 4 days of using the products his body was pretty much clear of any dry skin and eczema patches.

Highly recommend

Before receiving the products I hadn’t heard of the brand Mustela but I was really impressed with all of the products I was sent. I will most definitely purchase them in the future rather than all the other over the counter products I’ve used in the past. Price wise for what they do, I think they are extremely reasonable and around the middle price band compared to what I have paid before. I also feel they had a better affect on my twins than any other products I’ve bought before, even those that have cost more. I’m so glad to of tried the range and would really recommend them to any other parents with children with dry skin/ eczema or even just to use as a moisturiser to keep their skin in good condition.

For more details on the Mustela skin and body care range see here