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For so many of our expecting parents these babies wont be their first children, often they have one (or more) in the household already. When we hear that a Toddler is in the mix we always recommend the Valco Twin Tri Mode stroller as this side-by-side stroller incorporates a rumble seat at the front – or what we refer to as the ‘in charge position’. We asked one of our favorite Dad to Twins – Daniel Koffler from Explore + Discover, to give us a quick story behind how the stroller came to be part of their family of five.


Twins Plus Toddler
So I am the proud owner of the Valco stroller contraption.
Backstory is as follows: My wife and I were on vacation in Mexico with our now 2 year old daughter last Christmas. She was pregnant with the twins (now known as Lily and Lucas, 3 months old), but we were in that stage where we couldn’t (or wouldn’t) tell anyone. So anxiety starts off high and goes up from there, daily.
I see this family of 5 pushing a ridiculous collection of wheels and seats and storage compartments, and they just looked EXHAUSTED. I was tired with my one kid (the definition of vacation has certainly changed), and I couldn’t imagine how they were doing it. I basically was in the midst of RUNNING the opposite direction from them, as if to not catch whatever infection they had, and my wife sees my face and looks in the general direction I was gawking. She runs DIRECTLY towards them, and strikes up a conversation, and the information gets stored in the “very important things” mental file for future reference.
Then one day, a huge box, with an assortment of smaller boxes shows up at my door. I was so inundated with boxes for so many months (between clothes, furniture, strollers, presents, etc…), I didn’t even pay attention, I just created a place for it to live out of my way until it was needed. Finally, the day came that we had to break it out. Make no mistake–this thing has made me the most infamous father in TriBeCa.  It’s a major sidewalk hog, and I have no idea how to fold it up, so it just takes up a lot of very expensive Manhattan real estate. BUT, my 2 year old loves it, and the twins don’t have much to say but they seem to enjoy it.
Quick facts on the Valco Twin Tri Mode:valco
Weight – 33lbs
Width – 29″
RRP – approx $730 (plus $80 for extra joey/toddler seat)
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