Baby-wearing your Twins provides a number of benefits – soothing, hands-free, not to mention stroller-free! The TwinGo carrier is loved by thousands of Twin parents worldwide and we asked one of our MoM testers to share her thoughts:

I have always loved wearing my babies. My husband and I wore our now 5 and 3 year olds well into their toddlerhood, using a variety of carriers that are available to parents of singletons- stretchy wraps, woven wraps, ring slings, and structured carriers. Baby-wearing has been a very effective strategy for our family and when I found out that I was expecting twins, I took baby-wearing for granted without thinking about the lack of good options on the market for baby-wearing multiples.

Option for 2

While my twins were newborns, a stretchy wrap was the most comfortable way to carry my twins. Now that they are too heavy and active for a stretchy wrap, I have been disappointed to discover that nothing in my baby-wearing gear collection has been sufficient to carry them comfortably. They are around 20 pounds each now and my shoulders and back ache after only a short time in a woven wrap or ring sling, and the shoulder padding is just too bulky to be comfortable for any of us if I try to wear two Ergo carriers to carry the them. I was beginning to lament that I would be unable to wear my twins through their toddlerhood the way I did with my other children when I was introduced to the TwinGo carrier, which has provided an excellent twin baby-wearing solution for our family.


The first time I put the twins into the TwinGo Lite, I was anxious about my ability to get the baby in the back properly situated, and slightly daunted by the number of straps and buckles that would need to be adjusted with two fidgety babies on board. However, because the Twingo Lite is so intuitively designed, I had them properly and comfortably strapped into the carrier in about two minutes.


When adjusted properly, the weight of the babies rests comfortably on my hips leaving my back and shoulders weight free, serving only to stabilize the babies left to right. Because the weight is solely on the hips, I have been able to wear the twins for long stretches of time (including a 4.5 mile hike around the city) without a hint of shoulder or back strain. The twins seem to love being carried together. Having the ability to toss them into the carrier when they start to get fussy is very helpful to free my hands to make dinner or to spend time doing homework or art projects with my older boys. Sometimes the twins will even fall asleep while they are in the TwinGo, so it must be comfortable for them as well!

Double or Single

A feature that is unique to the TwinGo is that it can be used as a double carrier, or it can be split apart into two carriers so that if desired, each caregiver can take a baby. However, I didn’t find this feature useful for a few reasons. First of all, using the two separate carriers just wasn’t comfortable for either my husband or me. Within just a few minutes, our backs and shoulders were feeling the strain. This carrier is much more comfortable when used as a double carrier as it’s primary function.

Secondly, it took too much time and effort to make the adjustments from a double carrier to two single carriers. It’s such a great idea to have multiple functions, but it wasn’t practical (or comfortable!) for us when put to use, so we prefer a different carrier for carrying the babies separately.

What we would change

The only thing that I would change about the TwinGo Lite is the lack of pockets. A pocket big enough for a some cash or cards, keys, cellphone, two diapers and a small pack of wipes would be immensely helpful since carrying 40+ pounds of baby makes it unfeasible to also carry a purse or diaper bag. (Please note the TwinGo Original does have pockets, only the Lite does not)

I have been very happy using the TwinGo Lite to carry my twins, and would absolutely recommend it to fellow baby-wearing parents of multiples as a must-have baby gear item.

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Where to Buy

In the USA you can order directly from Twingo here.

For the UK and Europe you can order from Koala Slings.