When Twin Love Concierge was contacted by a Twin Mom saying she had created a dual feeding system for twins, we absolutely had to test it for you all. Marsha Adell, Mom to fraternal twin girls 8months, shares her experience with the Baby A and Baby B twin feeding set.

What is this Twin Feeding Set?


Baby A & Baby B have tried to simplify what could be a daunting task by creating the Twin Feeding Set. The set, comprised of two connected bowls and also two spoons joined with a single handle (think “Y“ shaped), is a great concept to cut down time between bites and to minimize the spread of germs. It’s dishwasher safe and made of material that is easy to clean. 
Why We Chose To Review?
Every parent of multiples will tell you that there are unique challenges that we face with twins in just about ever facet of their day and feeding time is no different. If only one parent is available during feeding time, the challenge is easily identified as one pair of hands to feed two mouth just isn’t easy! The Twin Feeding Set is claimed to ease the process during every meal.

What We Thought?
Baby A & Baby B  has done a great job of producing an item that’s unique and tries to address the juggling of two bowls and two spoons for two mouths with only one pair of hands. Even though it’s a bit cumbersome to maneuver the spoons in the each bowl, the spoons are the perfect size for little mouths ready for solids like my 8 month old twin girls. I found that it was a balancing act to feed one baby then teeter over to the other to put the other spoon full in her mouth when she was ready. But the good news is that clean up was a cinch!



Baby A & Baby B Twin Feeding Set

Twin’tastic Rating = RATING 4/5


  • Quality construction
  • Easy clean up
  • Appropriate size spoons
  • Innovative product for twins

  • Spoon heads are too close together

Price $11.99

You can purchase from Baby A & Baby B through their website directly here.

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