The Twin Love Concierge Puckababy Sleeping Bag Review

What is Puckababy?

Sleep safety and SIDS is a topic close to Twin Love Concierge’s heart and we always suggest to clients that they use sleep sacks for their twins, as they are safe and comforting for babies. Plus we need to be honest – sleep sacks vs wrapping twins, we know which option is a best use of tired Twin parents time.

We came across Puckababy as it is a truly unique, European company that creates sleeping bag solutions for newbornbabies all the way through to toddlers. Created by a Mom in the Netherlands who’s baby had terrible trouble sleeping, she created the award winning Piep Sleeping bag that mimicked swaddling without the tight constraints that comes with traditional blanket swaddling. The company then expanded into several sleep solutions for babies from swaddle bags through to multifunction baby wrappers and versatile sleeping bags for older babies and toddlers.

B-The Bag 4 Seasons Lifestyle with heart_ lila rounded


Why We Chose to Review

What captured Twin Love Concierge’s attention was the Puckababy Bag 4 all Seasons. It is essentially a sleep sack that can be adapted for all weather scenario’s. Each bag has detachable lining, so you can use as is for a comfy, extra warm sack, they even come with mittens to keep babies hands warm which is the only sleep sack on the market offering this. The warmest of the layers combined is 2.5 tog (see picture example)

Florence in the 'Winter' Puckababy Sleeping Bag

Florence in the ‘Winter’ Puckababy Sleeping Bag

Or remove the outer layer and use the inner reversible layer for Autumn months, 2.0 tog (see picture example)

Florence in the 'Autumn' Sleeping Bag layer

Florence in the ‘Autumn’ Sleeping Bag layer

Or just use the outer layer with or without the sleeves for a perfect Spring/Summer sack – 0.5 tog (see picture example)

Lila in the 'Spring' Puckababy Sleeping Bag layer

Lila in the ‘Spring’ Puckababy Sleeping Bag layer


What We Thought 

The desirability of the Bag 4 all Seasons is not only the unique shedding of layers but the COST SAVING. The sleeping bag lasts from 7 months until approx 2.5 years old as the bag length is totally adjustable through poppers or ties depending on the layer. Now if I calculated how many sleep sacks parents go through over these years then add to that the heaviness of sleeping bag they also had to purchase – lightweight for Summer, heavy warmer one for Winter, the dollars certainly do start to add up. Oh and then times that by two for twins of course….eekkk?!

Professional Opinion

This sleep solution ticks all the boxes. The material is breathable and soft, the bags are adjustable for weather and baby length. All elements of this sleeping bag have been thought through and crafted to what we see as the perfect sleep sack and very, very rarely do we use the words ‘perfect’.

Although on the expensive side, $149.95 each (look for the TLC discount below), when you calculate how many Parents would have to buy to account for growth and weather, Puckababy have really fulfilled a hole in the market for an all round sleep-sack solution.

Twin Moms and Dads Opinions

We asked the Twin Love Concierge testers what they thought and here are their reactions…

“The most gorgeous sleep sack I have ever seen – the gray and white polka dots is a nice change to the usual flowers and cars. My 21month old b/g twins both could wear the sleeping bag as it was wonderfully gender neutral” – Melanie

“Our Twin Girl wouldn’t let me take her out of it, she wanted to wear it all around the house. Usually at bedtime my Daughter will be struggle to be settled but with this Sleeping Bag she was a dream!” – Diana


Puckababy Sleeping Bag 4 Seasons

Twin’tastic Rating = RATING 4.9/5

  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Detachable lining for all westher conditions
  • Mittens for wintertime
  • Fits Newborns right through to Toddlers
  • Lovely range of neutral bedroom appropriate colors


  • On the expensive side

Price $149.95

You can purchase from Puckababy directly through their website and don’t forget to enter code TLCPUCKABABY for 10% off at checkout. They are also kind enough to be GIVING AWAY a Puckababy Original Swaddle Bag worth $74.95 for all our Twin Love Concierge Moms and Dads so enter for you chance to win here – a Rafflecopter giveaway – good luck!!