The Twin Love Concierge Geeleo Stroller Cooling Pad Review

Reviewed by our Miami TLC prepartum associate, Joanna Navarrete, with her 2 year old Twins  – Vicente and Stella.

What is the Geeleo?

Geeleo is the only self-cooling liner made for kids in strollers! Inside the liner, a proprietary hydrogel provides a constant, gentle and soothing cooling sensation so toddlers stay comfortable in their strollers. It requires no prior refrigeration, freezing or energy consumption and is the most revolutionary, convenient, and eco-friendly way to keep your children cool outdoors. They were created by a parents, for parents, inorder to prevent children from overheating in their strollers which we thought was genius!

Geeleo Stroller Cooling Pads

Geeleo Stroller Cooling Pads

Why We Chose to Review

We chose to review because in such hot summers in Miami and around the country, going outdoors gets to be too warm for little ones. Even though the weather is ridiculously hot, we want to enjoy the outdoors. Keeping them as cool as possible is key. We want to make going outside the most enjoyable and comfortable experience as possible.

What We Thought

I definitely found that Geleeo made my twins cooler and less sweaty and their backs were dramatically cooler with the Geleeo liners. When its that hot here in Miami (temperatures ranging from 90-100+), you want their bodies as cool as possible. Being in a stroller is not always fun and making it a bit more pleasant makes it more bearable for them.

They were not as cranky and miserable in the heat. I also found that by sticking them in the refrigerator for bit before going out made it a great cool down method. Even though you really don’t need to refrigerate, it works great without doing so. They loved it and they were more apt to sit in their strollers as we went for walks, or go to the outdoor malls here.

Professional Opinion

As twin parents, we are always looking for ways to make life easier and more enjoyable for all, with the Geleeo, the peace of mind we get that we are reducing overheating our twins is incredibly important in the summer months. They are simple to use and work with all stroller configurations and seem a much better option to the mini clip-on fans that a lot of parents use.

Twin Moms and Dads Opinions We asked the Twin Love Concierge testers what they thought and here are their reactions…

“Absolutely loved the idea and loved that it was as efficient as it claimed to be – super happy for my Toddlers” – Miranda, Twin Boys 22months

“Lifesavers, these come out as soon as the weather gets hot, we’ve used them two years in row” – Lauren, Boy/Girl Twins, 3.5 years old



Geeleo Stroller Cooling Pad

Twin’tastic Rating = RATING 4.2/5


  • It’s green, no energy consumption.
  • Universal fit on any stroller with detachable straps.
  • Waterproof fabric for easy cleaning.
  • Reversible
  • 4 color combinations

  • They are a touch heavy
  • Getting expensive when you are purchasing two


Price $49.95 each

You can purchase from Geeleo through their website and they are offering our readers 15% off when you buy two or more and Free Shipping with the code GeeleoTwin.

They are also available to purchase through major retailers such as Amazon and Tutti Bambini.

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