The Twin Love Concierge Buggy Bench Review

We asked our TLC Miami Associate Joanna Navarrete, Mom to two year old twins plus an older sibling, to review this innovative product and here is what she thought.

What is the Buggy Bench?Twin Love Con

The Buggy Bench is a transportable, foldable seat that you can attach to any supermarket or store cart. It sits behind the carts already existing seat for the other twin or second sibling to sit in safely with a seat buckle. Designed by a Mother of Twins, the whole basis was to make shopping easier, less stressful and most importantly safer!

Why We Chose to Review

As a mom of three kids including a pair of twins, going to Target, Publix, or diapers runs at Toys’R’Us was always my dreaded task because putting them in a cart without a seat belt is unsafe. They were always standing up in the cart and it made everything more stressful thinking one might go overboard and getting seriously hurt. I needed a solution for when I’m alone with all of them or even with just the Twins.

What We Thought

As soon as I saw the Buggy Bench, I knew I had to try it out. The first one was for a diaper run. It took less than 2 minutes to install and fasten the buckles onto the cart and in went one toddler and he loved it. He stayed seated the entire time and loved that he was in a seat like his sister. The second time was at Publix and I switched them. Her turn to go in the Buggy Bench and he was not happy he couldn’t sit in it. But it definitely allowed me to do my grocery shopping in peace and everyone was seated safely in the cart and they were all too happy to help fill the cart around them.



Professional Opinion

Anything that will make like easier with a set of multiples is an opportunity to try to find a solution. The Buggy Bench allows for shopping to be done stress-free and safely. Also, the fact that you are not limited to taking them in with a double stroller and only getting what fits inside the basket underneath is a plus. Trying to find a 2/3 plus cart like they have in Target is not always guaranteed. The length of those carts sometimes is more of an issue than it’s worth.

Twin Moms and Dads Opinions We asked the Twin Love Concierge testers what they thought and here are their reactions…

“Absolutely love mine, I use with our Twin Boys and now there isn’t one trying to climb out of the trolley” – Samantha, 2year Identical Twins

“ A must-have in our family, stays in the car for our weekly grocery trips” – James, 18month Boy/Girl Twins


The Buggy Bench

Twin’tastic Rating = RATING 4.8/5


  • Portable
  • Weight limit up to 40 lbs
  • Adjustable in fastening to cart and seat belt
  • Secure with seat belt
  • Light weight at 1 lb
  • Foldable, fits in your diaper bag
  • Washable
  • 3 great colors: pink, blue and mint

  • Leg holes are not very wide

Price $39.95

You can purchase from Buggy bench through their site directly and its also available to purchase on Amazon Prime.

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