The Twin Love Concierge Bebe PODPants Product Review

Bebe PODPants is a chic and extremely functional baby garment that acts an alternative to socks, pants AND shoes. Almost like a half baby sack, it fits over infant legs up to their waist and is used for travel in the carseat or stroller. The pants have an elasticed waist to keep from falling down and a sewn hole midway to allow buckles to lace through easily.


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What are Bebe PODPants?

Created by a Mom of multiple kids who was fed up with masses of laundry she had to endlessly deal with combined with the little funds they  had to keep up with each babies growth spurts. Her flashbulb moment came when she sat with the blanket she used to wrap around her baby , a sewing machine and an old t-shirt of her husbands created what started as an infant cloth bag!


Why We Chose to Review

Here at Twin Love Concierge when we choose products to review it is always with a key  factor in mind – will it save Twin parents time? Save money? Help the stress of having Multiples in some way? When we gave this product to one of our new Twin Moms to test we didn’t realise that it would become such a crucial part of her everyday life with babies.


What We Thought photo-37

Our Tester – A Mom to Fraternal Twin Boys 3months – was instantly takes with the idea of Bebe PODPants. One of her Twins had unfortunately required surgery so Doctors appointments were constant and endless. Aside from the time-saver of not needing to dress the boys in pants etc, the ease at which she could take the boys from their carseats into the surgery was a lifesaver. Doctors offices are often cold so no need to worry  also if the boys were a little chilly!


Professional Opinion

We see a lot of gimmicky products and this is definitely not one of them! It fills the space in the market for twin parents in saving fuss with clothes and most importantly the dreaded DIAPER BLOWOUT. I can’t count the number of times with my Twins that the poo explosion happened when we were out and I didnt have pants replacement. I just wish I’d had this in my diaper bag instead of racing home! My request now is for Bebe to make a Toddler version for the next stage of blowouts – potty training – please please please?


Twin Moms and Dads Opinions We asked the Twin Love Concierge testers what they thought and here are their reactions…

“I would definitely recommend these for every expecting mom. During the first few weeks and months, there are a lot of doctor appointments and getting everyone dressed and out the door is super stressful! I love the idea of gowns as they are warm and comfortable but they are impossible to travel in as they do not allow you to buckle the baby into the carseat. The PODPants are so convenient – you can just slip them on with a shirt and the elastic waist and loose fit makes for a comfortable bottom for the baby (that they will not grow out of quickly as they will with pant bottoms) and there is no need for socks to keep warm. Really, really useful!” – Meghan

“Aside from how totally handy they are I am obsessed with the colors, finally options that arent just pink or blue!” – Amanda



Bebe PODPants

Twin’tastic Rating = RATING 4.7/5


  • So easy to use and beyond convenient with two babies
  • No need to pants, socks or shoes
  • Babies can be dressed quickly for travel and errands
  • Made in the USA!
  • Made from 100% soft cotton



  • Lightweight material – would love to see a winter version
  • Just one size 0- 8months (approx)



Price $24.95 

You can purchase from Bebe PODPants through their website and they are offering a special 20% discount for you all you Twin Parents just add the code – TWINLOVE at checkout.




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