The Twin Love Concierge Beaba Babycook Pro 2x Review


Why We Chose to Review

Cooking for Twin babies, now let’s pause and take a moment to reflect on that…at 6 months parents are generally given the green light by their Pediatrician to go ahead and start exploring foods and later textures for their Twins. Which is wonderful until you realise you have one of two options – you either spend a lot of money on store-bought baby food (which for some parents is totally justifiable) or you take a deep breath and cook yourself.


What is the Beaba Babycook Pro 2x ?Pro2xgipsy

Beaba Babycook Pro 2x is the first and only cooking system designed for parents of Twins or multiples. With an easy one-handed operation and two large capacity bowls, you can prepare twice as many delicious and nutritious meals for babies in 15 minutes, or even sweet and savory meals simultaneously. It can make over nine cups of food at one time which you can then refrigerate or freeze leftovers. With Twins this is key! You can then simply defrost and reheat right in Babycook as well.


What We Thought 

In my family we chose the make your own baby food option, I enjoy cooking and spending that much money on packaged baby food wasn’t an option for us. My twins are now 20months so i can speak from experience and from using the old school method (steaming veggies over a pot of boiling water and then blending with a hand blender) that any machine that can cut the process is going to be a new family of multiples best-friend. The Beaba Babycook Pro 2x is positioned as a double steamer/processor for families of twins or multiples. The sheer amount of food you will be cooking this was certainly what felt like a step forward as far as twin baby food making is conceded


Professional Opinion

Using the Beaba Babycook is very easy for all levels of cooking experience.  Measure out the recommended amount of water, pour water into the heating reservoir, place chopped up ingredients in basket, lock bowl into device, push button to cook. Done.

The Beaba Babycook Pro 2 has two bowls so that the volume you can make at once has doubled compared to other baby food making machines. Now I was so impressed with this machine I went and bought the pasta/rice insert as the girls are older now and  definitely enjoy more complex foods and flavours so i wanted to test the longevity of the Beaba. Needless to say if you can put pasta on and then walk away to change a diaper thats a Mom lifesaver!!


Twin Moms and Dads Opinions We asked a couple of the Twin Love Concierge Mom testers to come over and try the Beaba Babycook and here are their reactions…

“I really love how narrow the machine is, we have limited bench space so i could keep this out and not have it replace the much loved coffee machine” – Liz

“Angelique and Nathan loved the puree we made in the Beaba, the texture wasn’t too thin or thick, they just gobbled it down!” – Marie

“I’m pretty sure even I could cook the Twins some meals with that – looks too easy to me” – James



Beaba Babycook Pro 2x

Twin’tastic Rating = RATING 4.7/5


  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Steam cooking locks in vitamins and nutrients
  • Timer has an audible alert to tell you when meals are ready
  • Love all the Beaba product extensions and cookbooks
  • Automatic shutoff which means no burnt food

  • Can be fiddly locking the cooking bowls into place
  • At $200 is it definitely an investment

RRP Price $199.95


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