The Twin Love Concierge Baby Pibu Review

Reviewed by our Los Angeles prepartum associate, Kate DiRienzo-Payne, with her 2 year old Twin Boys – Atlas and Kellan.

What is the Baby Pibu?

Baby Pibu is an infant skin care line created by dermatologist and mom Dr. Amy Kim. All of the products are hypoallergenic and formulated in an FDA regulated organic certified formulating facility. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of information in the many products on the market Dr. Kim decided to create a skin care line that is designed to help soothe both the infant AND the parent.


Why We Chose to Review

Dr. Kim isn’t the only parent feeling overwhelmed by what is the best product to put on a newborn’s skin. We all want something that is safe for our babies skin as well as effective. And that goes double for twin parents. Having to worry about two infants who often can develop conflicting skin ailments may be stressful. It is helpful knowing you have one line of skin care you can turn to.

What We Thought

We tried Baby Pibu’s luxury bath basics kit, which comes with bath time wash and their baby butter and a soft brush. The bathing instructions gave insightful tips on what body parts actually need cleanser and how long a baby should stay in the bath given their age. It also gave some great ideas for getting a baby safely in and out of the tub, which would easily work for a parent of two.

The wash is a tear free hair and body wash with lavender oil. It lathers quite nicely and was really gentle against the skin. There was no soapy residue left on their bodies like some products. It had a subtle light scent that was not overwhelming.


The Baby Butter is seriously amazing. It is a thick cream that doesn’t leave your babies skin feeling oily. As if their skin isn’t soft enough, almost immediately after applying it I noticed how much silkier the boys skin felt and it felt just as soft the next morning. I even found myself putting on a little too much lotion in my hand so there I have an excuse to use it for myself.

Professional Opinion

I would easily recommend this product to any parent. I loved how transparent they are listing in an easy to follow way, every ingredient that was each product. And because Baby Pibu was created by a mom who also is a professional in skin care gave me reassurance that this was safe and gentle to put on my boys skin. I am already ordering their sunscreen!



Baby Pibu

Twin’tastic Rating = RATING 4.9/5


  • Only product on market created by dermatologist and tested by dermatologists
  • Skin Cancer Foundation Approval for Sunscreen
  • National Eczema Seal of Approval
  • High Quality Product

  • Higher price point – when you are caring for two you go through products more quickly

Price Bath time Wash $15 / Baby Butter $15

You can purchase from the Baby Pibu website here 

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