The Twin Love Concierge Baby Dipper Product Review


What is the Baby Dipper?

The Baby Dipper Bowl and Cutlery Set

The Baby Dipper Bowl and Cutlery Set

The Baby Dipper bowl is a unique, triangular shaped bowl and curved spoon & fork set that allows parents one-handed feeding. The bowl has suction grips and high rounded edges so the food stays in the bowl and not everywhere else, which is also ideal for Toddlers learning to self-feed.

As a stay-at-home mom of two sets of twins, Barbara Schantz was frustrated with the countless bowls she had already purchased. She wanted one that required only one hand to successfully feed her babies, but wasn’t able to find one on the market that satisfied this need.


Why We Chose to Review

Feeding infant Twins is not fun! No Twin Parent ever said “wooppeee its feeding time”. So when we came across a bowl created by a Twin Mom specifically to help make feeding times easier for parents and toddlers alike we had to try for ourselves. Anything’s worth a shot right?!


What We Thought 

I have to be honest, as soon as the bowls were out of the packets my Toddler Twins went crazy. They grabbed the bowl with a spoon and fork in each hand and happily sat on the floor playing and pretend fed each other for at least half an hour (which is heaven in Mommyland). Come dinnertime the excitement didn’t wear off and rice was consumed without it being flicked all over the floor and onto them (see above images for proof). I was pleasantly surprised and didn’t think that features such as weight of the bowl and a different shape would make such a difference to the whole eating process. The girls have been self-feeding from an early age, but it has always been ridiculously messy so I am honestly amazed at the difference it has made to the clean-up process.



Professional Opinion

These bowls could be a Twin Parents savior! The deep rounded edges and the weight of the bowl save messes and most importantly make it difficult for babies to turn over and pour pureers everywhere. The rounded edges of the cutlery are easy to grip and small enough for young babies to be able to practise with.


Twin Moms and Dads Opinions

We asked the Twin Love Concierge testers what they thought and here are their reactions…


“Love the transparency of the bowl, I can easily see what my twins have and haven’t eaten” – Danielle

“Finally a spoon that my 8 month old boys can grip easily and dig into their food with” – Nathan



Baby Dipper Bowl and Spoon Set

Twin’tastic Rating = 4.8/5

  • Easy to use for parents, babies and toddlers
  • Unique design unlike other baby feeding systems
  • Perfect for special needs children
  • Non-slip base
  • Far less mess at meal times
  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free


  • Would love to see other colors not the standard blue and pink
  • Bowl may become too small for most Toddler meals


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RRP $11.99

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