We are excited to be the first to introduce you to the Romp and Roost double playard. With a unique divider it has the ability to safely sleep two infants or toddlers and with the divider taken out its a large playpen! It’s been a long time since we have seen a new product for Twins – so when this arrived at TLC HQ we couldn’t wait to test. See below what we thought and don’t miss the video review! And better still comment below with what you think and we’ll do a special Giveaway next month..

Unique Quality

The Romp and Roost’s unique quality for parent of Twins is that it can sleep Twins in one shared space with a separation. With the mesh partition in the middle babies, can sleep together without fear of rolling onto themselves. You may also the partition taken off and babies can interact in one large space.

The AAP now recommends babies to co-sleep in parent’s bedrooms for at least the first 6 months of their lives to reduce the risk of SIDS by maintaining them close with a watchful eye.
The R&R is a great solution for having one sleep space for both kids well until the 6 months saving space in your home of extra bassinets.

Large Design

The R&R is 54 x 40 x 30! It is larger than most playards of its kind. Making it a great solution for two kids for sleep and play while giving you the peace of mind that they are in a safe, but enclosed environment!

With four wheels, it makes this playard very easy to move from one room to the next to keep an eye on your babies.

Safe Design

The R&R is breathable on all four sides including the partition with mesh to allow maximum breathability throughout. It has four wheels that lock into place individually making the playpen safe and sturdy.

The partition not only zips in place, but is covered by snaps on both sides preventing little fingers to unzip it! The mattress velcros to the bottom of the pen, preventing it from sliding.

Modern Design

The R&R is available in 2 colors – gray and white chevron and an aqua damask with a gray base throughout, giving you a chic and modern palette in your home.

The playpen also comes with the waterproof sheet that you can easily wipe off or throw in the wash for a quick clean.

Setup and Breakdown

The R&R takes about 10 minutes to set up the first time. The sides lock in place and then pushing the middle leg down locks the pen in place.

The mattress comes with the waterproof sheet that the partition is zipped to, but when you are done using the partition you may get a sheet with R&R without the partition design.

Once you are done using the R&R, you can collapse in minutes and fold and store in its travel bag and to take to grandma’s house or on a trip!

Retails for $218 and you can purchase on www.rompandroost.com

Video Review