Nappy bags are an important purchase when you are expecting Twins! Finding one you feel comfortable carrying yourself and on the buggy, plus big enough to carry the essentials for two babies, can be difficult to find. From the Mum who created the Piglet Twin Breastfeeding pillow comes the Piglet Twin Nappy Bag – designed for parents of two or more! Our twin tester Rebecca, mother to 4 month old fraternal twin boys plus 3 year old Sophie, tried this for us including a wonderful video showing you all the key features!


I think the bag looks really great. It has a nice design print as well as sturdy and attractive straps. The fabric is good quality – it is easy to clean and seems as though it will last for a long time. I initially thought the bag was too big when i first saw it, however after having used it (and realising how much stuff you need to pack with twins!) the bag is probably the right size – but be prepared that it is on the large side.


There are a number of options on how to carry the bag. There is a traditional hold with the hand straps as well an over the shoulder option (where the shoulder strap can be removed if not needed). A neat feature of the bag is that it can be worn ‘backpack’ style via two straps that can be hidden away in a pocket when not in use. The final way to carry the bag is via two ring loops which can attach to hooks on the handlebar of your stroller – this option is great but it would be better if instead of ring hoops there were ‘stroller straps’ so that the bag hung flush with the handlebar and didn’t swing so much.


There are loads of pockets with this bag which make it awesome! Two bottle holders on the outside of the bag along with two smaller and one large pocket make grabbing those things that you need in a hurry a breeze. On the inside there is plenty of space for all the essentials and more. A cool feature of the bag is a small pocket at the top inside which can house small things like pacifiers, lip balm etc. In this pocket there is an elastic strap with a clasp on the end which you can attach your keys too making them accessible and useable without the worry of losing or dropping them.


The bag comes with a fantastic portable change mat which is in the same design print as the bag. It is really good quality yet functional at the same time. It fits nicely into the bag and is a great size.


Overall I would recommend the change bag to mums of twins. It’s large size means that you can fit in all the bits and pieces that are essential when heading out and about with twins. The bag is of excellent quality, looks great and lots of thought has been put into the placement of pockets and straps.