Having now opened our London office, we are on the hunt for the best in products for parents of Twins available in the UK and Europe. The Piglet feeding pillow was one we have had our eye on as it’s unique design looked perfect for breastfeeding two babies. We asked Mum of twin boys 4months, Ajay, to give her feedback including a video using the pillow so you can see exactly how it works, and if you like one you can use code TWINLOVEPIGLETS for 10% off!

initial thoughts

I would definitely recommend it as a twin breastfeeding pillow, especially because of how firm the cushion is. In terms of the design of the pillow there is a part at the bottom which lifts the pillow up and this helps the user sit upright during breastfeeding, and in addition to the back support which is fantastic. One of my favourite things about the pillow is the great back support that it provides. Again, it helps you keep a good posture which is important in breastfeeding and the pillow is quite firm which keeps the boys comfortable and happy.

The pillow is a very good size and its also compact. There is also enough room for the twins to maneuver and play with each other during breaks in breastfeeding.

back support and posture

The pillow has a fantastic back support and helps maintain a good posture during breastfeeding! The pillow comes in two parts, the first part is the main cushion and it also has a second piece, which is a great back support. This back support is quite thick, and although some may find this second piece a bit too thick, I find that it really helps you maintain an upright position and a good posture while you are breastfeeding.


The Piglet pillow provides a firm and comfortable cushion!
The cushion is actually quite firm and comfortable. Its also got a bit of room around the tummy area so you can move your waist around if you need to or if you need to crab something while breastfeeding then that extra room is quite good for that.

When placed on the pillow, my boys found it very comfortable. The firmness of the cushion really came into play when the boys were placed on the cushion because it held them in place and prevented them from sinking into my side and also held their heads in place. This is a very safe feature of the pillow as it keeps the twins in a firm position and is a good feature for breastfeeding both twins together. I have used other pillows and I have found that I had to keep propping their heads up during breastfeeding. The twins also seemed happy and didn’t look uncomfortable on the cushion.


Reasonable price for a twin breastfeeding pillow!
The pillow retails for £82, which for a twin breastfeeding pillow I think is quite reasonable. The ability also to use as a bottle-feeding pillow make it excellent value for money with its dual-use.


The pillow is trendy and very practical! It’s also a good size – roomy yet compact!
In terms of the aesthetics of the pillow, it looks very nice, it is modern with nice neutral and unisex colours. The cover comes off easily to clean but using a muslin between the babies and the pillows helps alleviate any unneccesary washing

what we would change

If I could change anything about the pillow, it would be with regards to its packaging. I would recommend that the pillow comes with a bag, or compact packaging which would be very useful when carrying the pillow around or travelling with it.

see how it works