The Minimonkey Twin carrier is a great sling for novice slingers! There’s no wrapping technique required and the sling comes ready to use. There are not many instructions to follow so it only requires a little bit of practice to master getting your twins in and out easily on your own.

You can do it by yourself

As the instructions advise, I would definitely practice with help on hand the first few times, but once you are comfortable on your own, you simply place the babies in the pouches and tighten a small buckle and you are ready to wear your twins. This is especially convenient for running errands and going for a walk. Of course on days both babies are fussy, it comes in handy to be able to multitask too!

Perfect for newborns

This sling is perfect to wear newborns together for any amount of time. It fully supports their neck and back, and the waist band prevents them from falling out, so it makes it feel more secure than a typical wrap. This carrier lasts all the way up to 12kg for each baby.

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As the babies get older, it is still great for school runs and short walks, but for a lengthier wear, a front and back sling may be more appropriate to more evenly distribute the weight. My 5-month-old twins weigh around 7.5kg each so I have found that it is a lot of weight on my front and causes some strain on my back.

Best on the market

Overall, I think it is the best sling on the market. I love that it can be used for newborns and lasts up to higher weights than a stretchy sling. It is also nice to have one baby still secure while the other baby is out of the wrap. You can even wear just one baby without having to switch to a different sling! I found the fabric is much softer than other twin carriers on the market, which makes it more comfortable for me and my twins. The waist band along with the shoulder straps help distrubute the weight nicely. And I really like the neutral color so even Dad can babywear.

The Minimonkey Twin is a ‘hip-healthy product’, certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. You can order a Minimonkey twin on their website for only 130.00!

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