Welcome to the new era of taking your Twins temperature. The Kinsa smart stick connects into your smartphone and reads each users temperature through a free downloaded app. Quipped as ‘the world’s smartest thermometer’ this is clearly the future in home healthcare. Joanna Navarrete, Mom to Twins + 1, reviews the Kinsa for you below. And need we mention its only $19.99 with free shipping through Kinsa’s website…

What is the Kinsa?


Kinsa is a thermometer that plugs through your smartphone’s headphone jack and is ready to use through their app making the information and readings easily stored and accessible through your phone.

Why we chose to review?

When having multiple kids in the house we are always looking for the fastest, most efficient way to do things. Taking a child’s temperature is no exception. The fact that we use our phones for everything in our lives, makes having the thermometer that reads and stores your child’s readings at your fingertips a no brainer. It also allows you to share the information through text with your spouse, a grandparent or a sitter making all caretakers in sync.

What we thought?


I cannot rave enough about this product! I love that I have all my kids profile and readings in one place. It was incredibly to set up. It is so lightweight that you can take anywhere with you. It requires no batteries so it’s less bulky. We loved it so much we bought a second one to travel with or to keep upstairs.

Professional Opinion

Each profile can be color coded for each child.

It also gives you the option of taking the reading orally, rectally and under the arm.

It includes an extension cord making the phone easier for your child to hold and play the popping bubbles game as it takes the reading.

It also allows the option to add temperature (perhaps they took it at the doctors office), add symptoms, or add a note or a picture.

Product Details


•   Works with your smartphone – free App

•   10 second average reading

•   For use orally, under the arm or rectally

•   For use with infants, children, and adults

•   Readings stored in phone

•   Gives extra information of what to do

•   Game to keep child busy with extension cord

•   Cleans easily with soap and water or alcohol



•   I wish that other users (other spouse, grandparents, sitters) could be added so the information could be shared automatically and synced with both phones.