Finding the best in gear for Twin parents is our mission 24/7. Our latest reviewer – a second time nursing mom, this time with Twins, needed to optimize her time spent pumping and found a great way to do it with the Kiinde Twist Universal Direct-Pump Breastmilk collection, Storage, and Feeding System. We are also lucky enough to be giving one away, because if she loved it so will you! Enter after the review details below.

One Bag Multi Use

I would definitely recommend the Twist System as it allows pumping, storing, warming and feeding using the same pouch, eliminating the need for constant transferring from bottle to bag and back to a bottle as I used to do with another brand. This also helps in cutting transfer loss, because as we all know when you pump, every drop is gold.

Universal System

The Twist System fits ALL major pump brands. With the Direct Pump adapters, you may use with many different pumps that will go directly into the pouches. You may also use different nipples for babies’ preferences with the adapters although the Active Latch Nipples are great.

Practicality & Mess-Free

One kit will be enough for a mom of twins; the only extra items needed to buy will be the pouches.

Direct pump into the pouches and no spillage are my favorite benefits. Direct Pump eliminates the time to wash bottles; I only need to worry about the nipples.

Pouches are disposable and recyclable after single use and easy to store and organize.

All parts are dishwasher-safe except the pouches and warmer.

Kiinde Kozii warmer is steam free, warm water bath that allowed me to avoid overheating and damaging the breastmilk by preserving the nutrients. It can be used with all bottle and bag types as well. It has a shut off button which was great to avoid scorched milk. It also has an easy use timer. Puree food can be also thawed in the Kozii. You may also thaw or warm just about anything in the Kozii.

Secured Gold

Twist lock are unique and allows pumping without major spills of the breastmilk. The pouches are tough and leak-proof and are able to stand alone They are very secure when carrying pouches with milk from work back home, which is very important while still trying to feed our Twins breastmilk.


The Keeper holds and organizes the pouches neatly and flat. They won’t stick together and laying as flat as possible will allow to freeze quicker. It allows you to organize by dates. They also come in 2 sizes, 6 or 8 ounces.

The system grows with the babies…because the pouches can be used to store homemade purees as well. ( I don’t know where to put this)

What we would change

Size of pouches to fit actual 6 oz and not estimated 6 oz, this will be a concern when babies eat 6 oz and I might need to switch with another bottle to complete the feeding.

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