As a first time mom to four week old twin boys, I welcome any product or advice that will help my husband and I transition into being a family of four. The Joovy Room2 Playard with Twin Nursery Center has definitely been one such product that has helped us keep our boys safe and allowed us all to get some much needed sleep! After using it for the past couple of weeks, here is my full review.

First Impressions

The Joovy Room2 with Twin Nursery Center is sleek, sturdy, and practical but rather large. Larger than your standard pack-n-play, however, I suppose when it’s meant for twins, this is a good thing! It took my husband all of maybe ten minutes to set up and we have been using it in our living room as a way to keep our boys safe and contained during the days while we are awake and doing things around the house.

Twin Nursery Center

The twin nursery center has been very helpful as a place to allow our boys to sleep during the day, but also as a convenient diaper changing station when needed.Rather than having to take the boys into their nursery to change their diapers, we can put the changing table in place very easily and quickly change our boys there.

The bassinet divider is also very convenient so you know that your babies are safely sleeping in their own respective areas. We’ve also removed the divider a few times to place a Twin Z pillow inside so we could prop our boys up after feedings to reduce chances of spit up and allow their food to digest.The pillow is rather large and fits great inside the bassinet.

Joovy Room2

While we haven’t used the Joovy Room2 explicitly as a play yard yet, I can see how it will come in quite handy once the boys are old enough. The mesh sides allow for breath-ability and allow you see through easily so you can keep an eye on your children.

Final Thoughts

We’ve used this product since the day we brought our boys home from the hospital and it has honestly been a huge help. While it may take up more space than we’d prefer, the convenience of the changing table and allowing us to keep our boys in a safe place for naps during the day where we can keep an eye on them has been so worth it. We would absolutely recommended this product to any new twin parent!

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