My boy girl twins are almost 8 months old, and we started solids with them right around 5.5 months. As a twin mom and also a toddler mom, I am always on the hunt for products that will make my life easier. When high chairs are concerned, my number one priorities were easy to clean, a nice aesthetic, and easy to fold and put away if we decided to do so. I have been using the Joovy Nook High Chair for just about a month and I can say that they have delivered in each of those areas.

Easy to Assemble

I was actually able to put each of the high chairs together myself in about 5 minutes each without even using the instructions. I did look through the instruction guide afterwards to get familiar with the features, but assembly was very easy and intuitive.


The high chairs I received are coral and turquoise with sleek white frames, and not nearly as big and bulky as other high chairs I have seen. From looking online, they are also available in a number of other colors but I love the colors of ours. The bases are narrow enough that I can put the chairs side by side and sit in front of them and feed both at the same time easily.

Use of the high chair

The high chair tray has 4 adjustable positions to move the tray closer or further from your baby/toddler. Adjusting the tray is very simple – you only need to press the tabs on either side of the high chair aligners and push or pull the tray into the desired position. As long as both tabs are in the same position, the tray will click back into place.

My absolute favorite features of this high chair are the swing out tray and the removable tray insert – you don’t need to remove the whole tray to take your baby out, which has really been a lifesaver. You squeeze the button on the right underside of the tray in order to use the swing out feature. Additionally, the high chair comes with a removable tray insert that can be put in the dishwasher or in the sink to rinse off. It is easy to remove by pulling on the hooks on either side of the tray insert and pulling upward. I usually take off the insert and either run it under hot water and wipe it down, or throw it in the dishwasher if my babies have had a messy meal. So far, the tray itself has just needed to be wiped down and shows no stains.

My babies both seem very comfortable in these chairs when they have meals, and I often leave them in there for a bit after they eat and they seem happy and content. You can adjust the height of the harness position to one of two heights, which we haven’t had to do yet but you just need to lift up the fabric of the seatback, turn the plastic ends sideways, push them through the slots in the seat back, and reinsert the plastic ends through the slots. After you’ve ensure the straps are at the appropriate height, you can re attach the fabric to the seat.

Adjusting the shoulder, waist, and crotch straps is simple and each have rings that can be pulled out to loosen/tighten. I’ve also loved how the crotch buckle on the seat can be released with one hand – as a twin mom, anything you can do one handed is a bonus!

The tray itself is very large, which is helpful with babies who haven’t quite mastered feeding themselves and tend to spread food around and it still stays on their trays. It is also helpful to put toys on if I need to entertain one while changing the other and keeps them occupied.


As mentioned above, cleaning of the actual tray is very simple. The seat fabric is easy to wipe down – I generally just use a cloth or paper towel with warm water and that takes care of our messes, but you can also use a mild cleaner as well. There are definitely some crevices on the cushions for crumbs to get stuck in, but not many cracks or holes where debris would build up.


We have had a few experiences where we have had guests over and didn’t want the high chairs out, and its been really simple to fold them one handed. The chairs can be folden with the tray attached, and there is a folding mechanism on the back of the chair that you lift up, and then push the seatback down until the high chair is completely folded, and you can use the handle on the seat bottom to carry it.

Overall/Things I would change

Overall, I would say we have loved using these chairs with our twins and it’s made feeding time relatively simple and cleanup easy. There isn’t much I would change, but if I were to nitpick anything I would say it would be nice to have the tray adjust one further setting in – my babies are still new at self feeding and the space on the narrowest setting still leaves a big enough gap between the tray and my babies for food to fall through to the seat. It would also be nice for the swing out feature to work on both sides, but its great to just have it on one side! Lastly, the chair doesn’t have wheels, which could be a convenient addition but the chair is lightweight enough that I haven’t had a problem sliding it when I need to move it. I would definitely recommend these seats to any twin mom starting solids looking for great high chairs that are pleasing to the eye and easy to clean.

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