The Twin Love Concierge Joovy Boob Baby Bottles for Twins Review

What is the Joovy BoobIMG_0695

The Joovy Boob bottle is the most innovative baby bottle on the market today. The nipple shape, patented clean flow vent system, ergonomic design and state-of the art materials make it outstanding in all areas possible.


Why We Chose to Review

Bottles are a finicky product. Moms love some while babies prefer others- usually the ones mom hates are the hardest to clean. As a mom of twins, finding the harmony in everyone’s preference helps keep the harmony at home! So with that Twin Love Concierge sent the bottles to a new Mom of Twins and her girlfriend (a fellow twins mom) and they took the Joovy boobs for a test run. One Mom has identical 16 week old boys (9 weeks corrected) who have pretty bad reflux. She gives the babies both expressed breastmilk and formula and finds that the feeds are slow with both milk and formula but notices that the babies spit up a lot less when fed breastmilk.

The other Mom, Dominique, has 15 week old twins who are exclusively breast fed- at the breast. According to Dominique – this makes bottle feeding a bit challenging since my babies (one boy, one girl) aren’t too proficient at drinking from artificial nipples. “I’ve found that they look like they are drinking and drinking only to realize the bottle is still just as full as when I first gave it to them. My son is also a spitter and it definitely increases when we give him a bottle”.


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What Dominique Thought

My girlfriend really liked the Joovy Boob. She said that the bottle saved minutes off the feed (that’s a BIG deal when you have 2 to feed every 3 hours!). Both of her boys took instantly to the nipple without any complaints. The ultimate test was how they would keep the formula down. Lo and behold! While they did spit up, it seemed like they kept more down than usual.

My guys did equally well with the Joovy Boob. They drank expressed breastmilk without dribbling or spluttering any out! We paused at about 2oz and each burped with no spitting up and eagerly went back to the Boob bottle to finish.

I’m so relieved to have found a bottle that both babies take readily. His will help in so many situations- from letting my husband help with the feeds to using them on our upcoming vacation. Bonus points- Joovy makes an adaptor so you can put directly into the bottle! And they also have an insulator to help keep the milk cool or warm for longer. The Joovy Boob is almost as good as the real thing!


Professional Opinion

In addition to being a mom of twins, Dominique is also a Registered Nurse, specializing in Labor and Delivery AND a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. “This is right up my ally! As a nurse, I love how clear it was to see how much the baby was drinking and how easy it was to visualize the nipple. It was also very light which would help with very slow feeds. As a Lactation Consultant, I respect the attention to detail in materials and product design. They make going from the breast to the boob back to the breast very easy”.


Twin Moms and Dads Opinions

We asked additional Twin Love Concierge testers what they thought and here are their reactions…

“I really liked the nipple and the shape of the bottles. I feel like they help the boys spit up less but they do tend to keep breastmilk down easier.” – Angela D., mom of identical 16-week old boys with reflux

“Both of my exclusively breastfed twins took very naturally to joovy boob. We even finished the feed at the breast without skipping a beat” Dominique W., RN, IBCLC, mom of 16 week old boy/girl

“What I really like is how easy it is to see the nipple. It makes it clear to see if the baby is really drinking. ” – Scott W, father of twins


Joovy Boob Baby Bottles

Twin’tastic Rating = RATING 4.8/5

  • Luxury bottles- high quality materials
  • Can adapt to attach to most breast pumps
  • Easy to clean and assess the quantity of the feed
  • Does not absorb odor or color even after continuous sterilisation


  •  Cost at approx $9 a pop, it can get expensive to stock up for 2 babies without having to wash
  • The name – we don’t hate it but would never refer to it as ‘the boob’ in public
  • If you accidentally over warm it, it takes longer to cool down than most other bottles


Price approx $16.99 for a 5oz or 90z bottle. You can purchase from Joovy directly through their website or through most major retailers including Babies’R’Us and Buy Buy Baby.

Twin Love Concierge is a professional review site. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. [/box]