We are parents to 7 week old twins, Owen and Verity, and were excited to be given the opportunity to review the Halo Bassinest twin sleeper and share our experience with others.

Rotating bassinet

The most useful feature of this product is the ability to rotate the bassinest to reach each baby without leaving your bed. This is especially useful postpartum when getting in and out of bed can still be a challenge. We originally had one bassinet on either side of our bed, which meant that I either had to get out of bed to tend to one baby or wake my husband up to reach for them. This product eliminates both of these annoyances and I love that I can be within arms reach of them all night long. Additionally, the rotating feature allows you gently rock the bassinest back and forth which we love as rocking two babies at once is not easy!

Built in night light

The bassinest also has a built in night light which we really enjoy. Our bedside light would disturb the babies, but I feel far more comfortable when I can see them during the night, so the nightlight was the perfect solution. It doesn’t wake them but also allows me the comfort of being able to see them at all times.

Separate sleeping spaces

All twins are different, but ours seem to settle best when they are near each other. However, as they grow it has become increasingly difficult to keep them from hitting or trying to eat each other!  Additionally I worry about them rolling into each other and blocking their nose/mouth.  The Halo Bassinest has a mesh divider which allows the babies to see and hear each other yet be in their own safe sleeping space. It provides us much more comfort and the babies seem to love it too!

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Nursing/Feeding alarm

Another excellent safety feature of this product is the nursing/feeding alarm. Newborns are exhausting, and two newborns are even more exhausting! There have been several occasions where I have almost fallen asleep while nursing the babies and it scared me to death. The Halo Bassinest has a built in alarm that will gently sound to remind me to put the baby back in the bassinest which is a wonderful safeguard on those long hard nights in the beginning.

Final thoughts

We are really enjoying this product and would certainly recommend it to any expectant twin parents. It has helped us clear space in our room by removing one of our bassinets and is the perfect option for safe co-sleeping! The design is sleek and minimalist, yet extremely sturdy.  Our babies sleep extremely well in it and it has been a great product to help us transition them to sleeping flat.

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