The Twin Love Concierge Easy = Magnetic Close Review

What is the NAME? E=MC2

Easy = Magnetic clothing revolutionises the way parents dress their babies. Snaps, buttons and zippers are replaced with magnets which can be opened and closed in a second. Designed by a Twin Mom, the E=MC2 range is an affordable option available in larger retailers such as Walmart, Target and Babies’R’Us. With sizes starting at Preemie (perfect for parents of newborn multiples) through to 9months, the range has footies, bodysuits and kimono pants sets. We asked one of our TLC Mom reviewers, Mallory, to try the footies with her 8 month old twin boys.

Why We Chose to Review

Every mom of multiples knows that getting two or more babies dressed can be a time killer, whoever thought that 20 tiny little snaps that go up the length of a baby’s body was the best way to go clearly didn’t spend much time with a squirmy little one! Zippers aren’t much better, you need to unzip the entire thing just to get to the diaper, leaving your baby chilly at night and in the winter. Along comes the third, and smartest, option – magnets!

E=mc2, which stands for Easy=Magnetic Close, has changed the game when it comes to quick, easy and affordable wardrobe changes.

What We Thought

These pajamas are comfortable, soft and fashionable. Best of all is the minimal amount of time it took me to put my son into them. Less than a minute! The magnet connection is sturdy and safe. The boys didn’t try to eat them, and there’s no risk that I could see of the magnets coming out of the clothing as a choking risk.

The pattern that I received, blue stars, are cute to boot! Not too ‘babyish’ but adorable enough to make you go “aww.” Classic style – they won’t look out of date if someone is lucky enough to receive these as a hand-me-down. They are cotton, so very breathable and cozy. The pair I reviewed had little feeties, so their toes stayed nice and warm.

It was a bit tough to get my little guys legs in the pajamas, as the magnets only go down the front. However, upon further research, it seems that clothing listed on their website do seem to have an additional magnet going down one leg so maybe this has already been fixed! There is also no gripping material on the bottom of the feet, so for little ones like mine who are learning to stand they don’t offer much in terms of stability there.thumb_DSC_0170_1024

In terms of washing instructions – you have to follow a specific set of instructions. They aren’t difficult, but when you are washing 50 items of clothing a week it’s easy to stuff everything in and forget about the steps needed to wash these. The magnets need to be fastened before you wash and dry them, and they can only be in the dryer for 30 minutes. If they are still damp they should be line dried. Personally, I’d rather just hang them then have to worry about stopping my dryer half way through a cycle to dig them out.


Professional Opinion

These are a great option for busy twin (and triplet) moms when speed and efficiency is key to our survival. Many infants products are either easy to use or cute – luckily these are both! Despite some minor complaints, I would recommend these to any parent who need a quick and easy solution to the marathon that is changing a baby or two! You can follow Easy Magnetic Close here on Instagram.


Mallory’s Video Review



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