We are full blown into summer and it is hot. With twin toddler boys if I am not out of our house by 9:30 most mornings, it’s anarchy. We spend a large portion of our day, outdoors, every day and living in Southern California means that is most days of the year.

Given the large amount of sun exposure my guys have, I have been on the look out for the best sunscreen. It is not an easy task, I want something that will protect their skin, at the same time not be loaded with chemicals and is easy to apply.

I have reviewed Baby Pibu products before and wanted to try their sunscreen. It did not disappoint.

Created by a Mom

Baby Pibu was created by a mother, who is also a dermatologist, and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. It is an unscented, SPF +30 sunscreen, recommended for children 6 months and older, retailing at $24

Safe for skin

Baby Pibu is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and chemical free. It is also PABA free (para-aminobenzoic acid, that can sometimes cause allergic reactions when applied to skin) with UVA & UVB broad-spectrum protection. It consists of all natural or naturally derived ingredients.

Easy application

When I applied it to the boys skin, it was smooth and non-greasy, not at all thick and pasty like so many sunscreens. It absorbed quickly, not leaving a white film all over their bodies for the rest of the day. It is also easy to wipe off clothes because lets face it, our toddlers hardly stand still when we are applying sunscreen on them and being able to easily wipe off any that gets on their clothes is amazing. Too many other sunscreens stick to clothes for the duration of the day.

Overall, I really love this sunscreen, will continue to use it on my boys and have even begun using it on myself as well.

About the author

Kate DiRienzo-Payne, TLC’s Pre & Postpartum Associate, has lived in Los Angeles for over 12 years. Along with raising two happy, healthy, adventurous twin boys, she is focused on helping other twin moms in the Los Angeles area giving each other the personalised support they need. You can also follow her journey at www.kidskillcoolness.com. Please contact kate@twinloveconcierge.com for more information on our LA classes and services.