The Contours Options Elite is a tandem double stroller that weighs 38 pounds and costs around $269 RRP.  It stands alone when folded and can hold 2 carseats using the car seat adapters.  One car seat adapter is included with the stroller and will fit over 20 different brands of car seats. Could this be the stroller for you? See below our Denver TLC Associate – Michelle’s review of the Contours Options Elite double stroller:


One of the things I love most about this stroller is the configuration options. You can have both babies face forward, both babies face backward, babies facing away from each other, or babies facing each other directly. This is especially cute when they play footsie with each other, but definitely NOT cute once they reach the “kick-fighting” stage.


The stroller comes with a cup holder and you have the option to purchase a Parent Console that attaches and can hold a large number of items with additional storage. There is a huge storage basket underneath that runs the entire length of the stroller. I would take this stroller grocery shopping when my twins were little and people were always shocked at how much I could fit underneath. Once, in the checkout line, I kept pulling out items from underneath my stroller and putting them on the conveyor, but the clerk’s eyes grew wide when I pulled out a 12 pack of soda and an entire Thanksgiving turkey to complete my purchase. It was like a clown car with more and more stuff coming out!


Both seats recline independently and also have adjustable footrests. A 5 point harness will keep your baby safe and is completely customizable as your child grows. There are expandable canopy visors over each seat that also have a peekaboo window.

Easy Fold

One thing I loved about this stroller is that you don’t have to remove either seat to fold the stroller up; they sort of “nest” into each other upon folding. Definitely a time-saver when running errands with twins! The stroller maneuvers well both backward and forward, and turns easily due to fully pivoting front wheels.

Extra Bonus

There is a safety arm in front of each seat that detaches on the side to allow for easy entry and exit from the seat. You have the option of buying child trays that attach in front of each child seat instead of the swing out safety arm. Another great add-on item is the Shopping Basket. This item clips in place where one of the seats would be, for the rare time when you have only one twin with you to make a grocery run! Such a convenience!

What we would change

One is that you cannot fold it up using only one hand. You have to pull up on both sides while pushing the foot lever down with one foot, which means everyone has to be “settled” and in their car seats before you can put it away. Also, due to its weight and design, there is not an easy way to grip the stroller to lift it up into a car, making it a little awkward to put away.

About the Author: Michelle Cheever MA, TLC’s Denver Prepartum Associate, is the happy mother of three very tall boys, the oldest a singleton and the youngest identical twins. After receiving her Masters in Counseling Psychology, she worked inside a mega-jail for 3 years, providing mental health evaluation and treatment for criminals and substance abusers, a skill set which has actually come in handy when raising kids. You can reach Michelle at for more information on our Denver classes and services.

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