With the impending release of the 2016 Bumbleride Indie Twin (fingers crossed for August) we wanted to review why we loved this all terrain jogging double stroller in the first place. Kate DiRienzo-Payne, TLC’s LA Associate, has this stroller for her now 3 year old fraternal twin boys and highlights the key features for you below.

Selection process

When we found out we were having twins, after the shock wore off, I immediately began planning my registry and researching all gear twins related. While I tried to figure out how many of certain items we would need, my husband went straight into stroller research. After a lot of time and effort we landed on the Bumbleride Indie Twin. And thankfully have never looked back.


My Bumbleride Indie Twin was my ticket to freedom during that first year with twins. It made getting out of the house a lot less stressful knowing I had a stroller that was uncomplicated and could hold everything I needed in that moment. We chose the side by side because I wanted my twins to be on equal ground and no one flicking the other in the back of the head. For our family it was a great decision. When they were babies it made it easy to access both of them without having to walk around, and now as the boys are older, they talk to each other and point out things they see.

Key Features

The Indie Twin is incredibly stylish made with eco-friendly fabric and comes in a bevy of colors and accents. It has dual carseat and carrycot capabilities with separate adapters. The reclining seats have a 5 point breakaway harness and the footrests adjusts to suit infants and toddlers.

Green Factor

This stroller continues to be the only Eco double on the market – the fabrics feature a 100% recycled polyester (rPET recycled post consumer water bottles) and most importantly they are PVC & phthalate free with no fire retardants and no polyurethane foam.

Easy to Handle

This is crucial. You already feel like you take up a large footprint when you venture out with twins and I wanted a stroller that could easily move through a store, along the sidewalk, and in out of doorways. The Indie Twin does all that. It has a one step compact fold that is simple to use, and a handle that allows you to put it in and out of your trunk with ease

Great Storage

This too was critical in my getting out with twins. When on my own I use my stroller as my shopping cart. It is just easier than parking, finding a cart, getting two babies out of the car and into a cart. The cargo is ample at the bottom of stroller, where I can fit a decent size grocery list if items. There are also two good size zip pockets on the canopy where I can store my phone, wallet and keys, plus a few toys.

Huge Canopies

Babies are incredibly sensitive to the sun and the Bumbleride’s large UPF/ SPF 45+ canopies can almost cover the entire baby/ toddler when they are down. There is a small window that allows you to see your children even when they are mostly covered.

Great Accessories

The stroller comes with a safety wrist strap and a cup holder. We also used the snack packs once the boys got older. There is also a mini-board for an older sibling which is invaluable for families of 2+.

About the Author: Kate DiRienzo-Payne, TLC’s Pre & Postpartum Associate, has lived in Los Angeles for over 12 years. Along with raising two happy, healthy, adventurous twin boys, she is focused on helping other twin moms in the Los Angeles area giving each other the personalised support they need. You can also follow her journey at www.kidskillcoolness.com. Please contact Kate at kate@twinloveconcierge.com for more information on our LA services.

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