When my twins were first born, we used a baby trend double snap and go. We used it so much that the wheels finally blew. Time to buy a double stroller!
I was out one day and saw a woman pushing a City Mini Double. I stopped her and started asking her questions about it. After a few minutes, I realized it was the right stroller for us. Here’s why….

Easy to push

The City Mini Double is so easy to push. It feels light, yet sturdy. There have been several times when I had something in one of my hands and used the other one to steer-no problem.

Sturdy Wheels and A Smooth Ride

We live in the city and use our stroller on a daily basis. We have trekked miles with it and the wheels have remained in great shape. No need to fill up these tires. The ride is smooth and can handle bumps well.

Comfortable Seats and Sun Canopy

My kids always seem comfortable in their stroller. The straps are easy to adjust. The seats are nicely padded and can recline with minimal effort. There is a great canopy to protect the kids from the sun or the occasional rain that you didn’t know was coming. Additionally, the canopy has a “peekaboo” window that allows you to see if your kids are sleeping while you are walking instead of having to stop the stroller and peek.


The City Mini Double is fantastic when it comes to storage. There are pockets behind each seat as well as a nice sized basket underneath the stroller. Super helpful during grocery shopping.

Easy To Fold

Pull the loops in the seat and voila!-your stroller is folded.

Price Point

An amazing double stroller for under $500? You got it!!

About the Author

Jen Genel LMSW, TLC’s Pre & Postpartum New York Associate, is a licensed Social Worker who has spent her career helping children with special needs, as well as providing support to their families.Through her professional experience Jen knows that she can help those who are expecting feel better prepared for the journey, as well as provide support if needed after their babies are born. Jen is also the founder of the blog Goingtwinsane.com – it gives the reader a humorous look into her life with her twins. You can reach Jen at jen@twinloveconcierge.com for more information on our New York services.