My twins were born at the end of December, right as cold and flu season was kicking into high gear. There’s nothing like preemie twins in the winter to make you completely paranoid about germs. I dreaded using the changing tables in public restrooms. I stocked up on those disposable changing pads even though they never seemed quite big enough – especially as the girls got bigger and their little hands liked to explore more. If only the Baby Change N Go had existed back then!

Portable Changing Station

The Baby Change-N-Go is amazing invention that allows you to set up a changing station wherever you are. Designed for babies up to age 2 ½ years and weighing less than 40 pounds, the Baby Change-N-Go hangs safely on bathroom stall doors/walls. No need to stress over whether a changing table will be in the bathroom or what germs might be lurking on the existing changing table.

Small and Lightweight

The small size makes this extra convenient and portable. Even with wipes and diapers inside, the Baby Change-N-Go folded up to approximately 12” x 12” x 2.5” and fit nicely into the carry bag. It was great to be able to just toss it in the stroller basket and not worry that it took up too much space. Surprisingly, it was very lightweight for something that is very sturdy and feels completely safe.

One Hand Fold

What twin mom can’t appreciate something you can do with one hand? I did practice folding and unfolding at home a few times as the instructions recommend. Still, it was a pleasant surprise that I was able to set up and take down the Baby Change-N-Go while still holding onto my wiggly 12 pound 2 month old.

Details We Love

There are three pockets: one for diapers, one for wipes, and a mesh pocket that is great for holding spare clothes, diaper cream, or even storing shoes while you change baby. The pockets are easy to access and having the diapers/wipes hanging in front of you is incredibly convenient. I also liked that the safety buckle has a center release instead of a side release. I always feel like the side release buckles are more likely to pinch.

What We Would Change

The Baby Change-N-Go instructions state that it is not designed for full size doors which means there were times we were unable to use it. Several places we visited this week just had single use bathrooms with a full size door. These also tended to be the places I really wanted to use the Baby Change-N-Go due to a lack of changing table.

Overall, this is a great product for any twin parent on the go! My husband was home with our twins full time for a few months when they were infants. He was also great about taking them places when they were toddlers. It can be hard to find men’s restrooms with a changing table

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Alison Dobbins, TLC’s Philly and New Jersey Associate, is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia Area and the proud mother of identical twin girls and newborn daughter. Twin pregnancy took Alison by surprise and she was thrilled to find the support of her local Mothers of Multiples club. She credits the advice and example of the experienced members for her own ability to handle the challenges of twin motherhood – and the ability to enjoy the awesomeness that is being a twin mom! As her twins got older, Alison realized how much she enjoyed helping new moms of multiples in their own journeys. She felt lucky to be able to provide the same level of advice and support she had been so grateful to receive. No one understands quite like another mom of multiples! She’s held several leadership positions in her local Mothers of Multiples group and is looking forward to helping moms of multiples throughout the tri-state area.