You made it through the infant stage. Gone are the middle of the night feeds, purees and multiple spit ups. Welcome to toddlerhood. This stage is a fun one but also comes with a whole bunch of craziness! These kids!!

You know you have Toddler Twins when..

-You think of new and creative ways to keep your twins in their seats during mealtime. Crazy glue? Velcro?

-Your twins are up and walking…unfortunately for you, they are walking in different directions.

-You prepared them the perfect meal…but of course, only one of them wants to eat it.

-You find yourself trying to convince your twins that being “next” is just as good as being “first”.

-You feel like you are a judge in a courtroom because you have two “lawyers” arguing opposite sides of everything.

-After finally getting your child to bed, you still have another one running around the house.

-Your bath time mantra is, “Lather, rinse, repeat.”

Happy Twinning!!

About the Author

Jen Genel LMSW, TLC’s Pre & Postpartum New York Associate, is a licensed Social Worker who has spent her career helping children with special needs, as well as providing support to their families. In 2013, Jen gave birth to her beautiful twins Jake and Rachel. Although she had an idea that things would “get busy” once the twins were born, she did not fully realize just how busy it would be. You can reach Jen at for more information on our New York services.