Finding toys for your Twins that they’ll happily share can be mission impossible. But a trend we are loving this year is the Teepee. Ideal for toddlers upwards, these ‘nooks’ not only look great but provide hours of shared entertainment. Together with a family company, Katahdin Nooks, who make gorgeous handmade teepees, we showcase the key features to consider in your home with multiples:

Space for Two

FullSizeRender (1)

Depending on the size you buy – baby, toddler or larger – teepees can definitely hold two toddlers or more. At home, we tried the ‘toddler’ teepee and my 3 year-olds both fit in comfortably, along with at least 10 of their stuffed toy friends. It’s great that Twins can have a fun space where sharing is not a problem; there was a continuous stream of in-and-out through the door flap. At one stage our 7 year old neighbour dissapeared into the teepee and all three didn’t emerge for at least 15, whole, minutes.

Toys Galore

Being able to house the hundreds of plush toys you’ve no doubt accumulated like us is another benefit to a teepee. At the end of each day, our girls enjoy putting their special toys in the teepee to rest – a great way, we think, for keeping the mess minimal.

Imaginative Thinking

In an age where so many toys are plastic and/or electronic, it’s nice to have an option that promotes adventure play alongside endless role-play. For us, the teepee has gone from a castle to a school through to an airport (randomly?!). It also allows for wonderful games for all combinations of Twins which again can be difficult to find when so many Toys now are gender defined as boy vs girl.

Aesthetically Appealing

You can choose from a near limitless combination of colors. The trend this year has moved from gray-and-white to black-and-white so the teepee we feature here is a gorgeous monochrome stripe with pink accents. You can chose to match it with their bedroom, playroom or even better your living room where you’ll finally have a kid’s toy that looks fantastic! Don’t forget also the tepee toppers: we have seen everything from bunting to pom-poms to flowers hung around the top poles.

Green Friendly

Being able to buy toys that are eco-friendly is important, so the fabric-and-wood combination allows for a green toy made from sustainable materials. Although not all teepee’s are made eco the more natural approach to a toy does tick your inner parenting box.


We recommend for ages 2+, teepees are a great long-term investment that you can use right through childhood. Keep them inside, take them outside – there are so many uses and locations to ensure the appeal will last for years to come. Moms and Dads have even been known to have a sneaky glass of wine in them when the Twinnies are asleep.

About Katahdin Nooks: Is a home grown, mama sewn business developed by a husband/wife team. From the moment the order is taken through to the day the nooks ship, every bit of the process is done completely by hand. Katahdin Nooks was started in the hopes of being able to fully fund an adoption by next year. As a family of three that is not yet complete, although experiencing no fertility issues, the next step is adoption. The goal is to use all profits from the teepee’s to get the family there without having to go in debt. You can order directly through their website and all our TLC community receive a 10% discount when you follow them on Instagram. Happy shopping!