Book for Two, perfect for two! There is nothing we love more than when one of our favorite brands such as Peg Perego release a new twin stroller, and the latest from them this year is the Book for Two. Wondering why it’s called that? Purely because of its unique, easy inward fold – much like a book.

Here we break down all the key elements of this double stroller for you:


Twin Love Concierge Book for Two stroller review

As Twin specialists we see a wide range of twin strollers which aren’t suitable for infants of the same age. One of the standout features of this stroller is it really is an all round, functioning, twin travel system with some unique features:

Can take two carseats – Primo Viaggio 4-35

Multi-position, independant seats and footrests – perfect for managing two infants needs

Folds easily and inward (like a book) – with only one hand needed

Birth to 45lbs – which means you only need one stroller

Adjustable handle bar – bonus for all Parent heights


Twin Love Concierge Book for Two stroller review

You can generally tell when something has been designed and built in Europe (think cars, clothes, bags etc etc). There just seems to be an special quality and attention to detail. It’s often as much about ‘feel’ as specific features. This is immediately obvious with the Book for Two as you put it together under 10mins flat and add the under-seat basket. Not only does everything fit, but seems to do so in a thoughtful way. It’s exactly the same with the way it folds: the mechanism is unusual but fluid and easy.

It comes in four unisex colors – Atmosphere (light gray), Onyx (black), Mod Red (red) and Synergy (red and black). And above anything it is a gorgeous stroller, and we never say GORGEOUS.


Twin Love Concierge Book for Two stroller review

Sure, the Book for Two is wide as is any side-by-side stroller, but compared to some of its competitors the 29 inches is completely manageable as it fits through standard doorways. Regardless you’d never know it was a side-by-side whilst you were pushing it: it handles beautifully even with one hand (yes, they’ve specifically thought about us one-handed pushers)! For the technical lovers – it has a lightweight, aluminium chassis combined with wheels that have ball bearings and suspension which allows it to almost glide.

It handles grass and uneven ground as easily as it does the sidewalk. Even as the weight of the children increases the stroller is just as easy to push with no problems getting up over curbs. Meaning you can focus your efforts and attention on whatever mischief is happening in the seats!


Wow, you can get a lot in. And I don’t mean just Twin cargo. The seats are spacious and (seemingly) extremely comfortable even for bigger/taller toddlers. And the under-slung basket has masses of room for everyday – and not-so-everyday – baggage. On one trip I easily got groceries, kids’ toys, snacks and dry-cleaned winter coats on board. And that’s without having to crush the nicely pressed coats in on top of everything. The basket underneath even has handy pockets for the little items that often get lost.

All Weather Protection

Twin Love Concierge Book for Two stroller review

Seriously large canopies over each seat mean that your little ones are almost entirely protected from any sun, rain even snow. The large hoods that include a mesh insert provides extra ventilation and a magnetic “peek-a-boo” window. Only their feet may stick out a bit at the bottom once they get to Toddler stage, which by any stroller’s standard this is very normal. The canopoy hood even included a built in loop which parents can hang toys from for infants (the attention to detail for this stroller is one of a kind and definitely appreciated)

What our Twin parent tester’s thought

Twin Love Concierge Book for Two stroller review

it was very easy to set up, took my husband less than 5 mins and he did not even need the directions

Love that the handle bar is adjustable so that i can make it comfortable for a tall momma like myself

Very smooth ride, it fit the door way easily. It was easy and smooth to push, both up and down hills

I also think my girls really liked both being able to see around (vs a tandem stroller)

What we would change

It’s missing a cup holder for Mom/Dad and also one for the Twins

No rain shield included

The Peg Perego Book for Two stroller is available at all major baby retailers for RRP $649.99