Choosing the right stroller for your family can be a daunting task, even more so when expecting triplets. Unfortunately for three babies the options with triple strollers are limited. Jessica Bodnar, Twin Love Concierge’s Triplet Associate and Mom to Triplets, reviews the side by side BebeLove Triple Jogging Stroller and offers the key features for any parents expecting or new to Triplets.

Key Features

This  side by side triple seat stroller is a favorite of many Triplet families.

Some of the standout features include:

-5 point harness

-2 fixed front wheels

-Storage space galore— 3 storage space baskets under seats, 3 storage pockets behind the seats, and pockets in each seat to hold the beloved toys or sippy cups.

-Sun shade provides great sun protection and the see through tabs allow the parents to easily check on the kiddos while out and about.

Getting Outside

This stroller is perfect for outdoor activities; like a stroll to and from the park, running, or zoo trips. It also folds down easily for easy travel. It is classified a jogging stroller that actually delivers quite a smooth ride when running with three kids (please note: it is not recommended to run with infants until they have full head support)

Larger Footprint

As is with all Triple strollers the wide frame makes it too wide for some sidewalks and definitely much too wide for normal one door entries. It does however fold completely and easily but requires a large amount of cargo space and muscles to lift into the vehicle.


For some parents of shorter stature they may find this  stroller a bit more difficult to maneuver, but the taller parents don’t seem to have an issue. Given its larger frame there is no gliding around corners with this stroller but with more height of the parent comes a better control.

Final Thoughts

All in all this is a great stroller with features to keep both Triplet parents and children happy. It allows you to take all three babies/toddlers out and about with relative ease. We urge you to try it first if you can – often parents in your local multiples forum are selling one secondhand or you can reach out to other triplet parents to test it first if they will kindly lend it to you. The stroller comes in a variety of colors and retails in the range of $500-$800.

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