Need help on how to keep a twin daily schedule? Twin Love Concierge Twin Tip – keeping a Multiples baby log for the first 90 days that the babies are home is essential. Noting how much they eat/poo/pee/sleep is important so that you know that BOTH babies are thriving.

In our initial consultation we provide our Multiples Families with the Twin Love Concierge ‘Twin Daily Schedule’. We suggest that you make numerous copies, pin on the fridge and take with you to each Pediatrician appointment. The doctors can then easily see how each baby is progressing and if anything needs to be addressed. Mom and Dad will be so thankful that you don’t have to rack your brain for the answers when the Pediatrician asks you a thousand questions, just hand them the filled out log.

Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Baby Journal

Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Baby Journal

As an additional option Stuff for Multiples sells a lovely Twin Baby journal that you can then use as a keepsake for later in life, you can purchase here for $24.99. Inside each page has the key elements to be filled out which makes it easy for everyone to use – just leave in an accessible place i.e. kitchen bench and make a habit after each baby shift to input the appropriate details.

You also have the option of using a phone app to keep the babies schedule and we reviewed 2014’s top Baby Schedule app’s perfect for twins here.


Shannon x

(Mom to identical Twin girls and the USA’s only twin exclusive maternity consultant for Twin Love Concierge)