Twin Love Concierge’s Breastfeeding and Newborn Care with Twins Classes via Skype educate expecting and new twin parents (up to 3 months postpartum) on the special strategies to make breastfeeding your multiples a success. As certified professionals from the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute, we combine the two essentials all new twin & triplet Mothers need – support and multiples expertise.

The classes are run by a renowned IBCLC/RN/Mom to Twins and are personalized so that all YOUR concerns are addressed. Our services are recommended by OBGYN’s, Midwives and High Risk Medical Practitioners all over the world.

Topics Covered

Milk Supply for Twins – how the body works for two
Nursing Nutrition
Feeding Strategies including latch
Tandem Positions
Breast Pump 101
How to maintain/increase supply
Bottle Feeding
Breastfeeding Preemies/Micro Preemies
Troubleshooting – cues, signs and responses
It’s a partnership – the role of partners in feeding and caring
Diapering, Swaddling and Soothing two babies
Bathing Twins the fun way
Newborn Characteristics
Going back to work


All our class attendees have access to our TLC IBCLC/Lactation consultants post-class, we are here to answer questions, offer support 24/7. Fellow parents are also added to the Twin Love Parents closed Facebook group so they can stay in touch after the class.

Parent Pack

Everyone is emailed a TLC Breastfeeding Pack which includes tandem positions, the latest multiples discounts, daily Twin schedule, storage and warming reference guides and much more.

Class Size

TLC online classes are limited to 10 families only as it is created for an environment of sharing. We guarantee to answer all your concerns and you will leave feeling confident, armed with everything you need for a smooth breastfeeding journey.

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Class held Via Skype (camera and microphone required)

Class cost is $75 USD per family and we encourage all parents, grandparents, siblings or family members who will be assisting with feeding the babies to attend.