Without a doubt one of the most important factors in preparing for twins is feeding and being prepared with the right props. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed you must mentally and physically be prepared to do both. Regardless the method, you’re going to benefit immensely by preparing what you need well before the twins arrival which includes a breastfeeding pillow.

We asked our Dallas Associate, RN/IBCLC Lorna Donnelly, to review the Twin Z pillow from a professional standpoint and offer her thoughts for any new or expecting twin mamas.


This pillow has six uses in one as a twin support and feeding pillow. When you’re expecting multiples the versatility of a pillow to accommodate the following is appreciated:

both breast and bottle feedings

allow the babies to practice a modified tummy time

supporting babies to lounge

ability to assist with infant reflux

pregnancy pillow to support your belly

Back Support

Immediately what stands out is the back support. The Twin Z Pillow offers a higher and larger overall back cushion. This is HUGE. One of my biggest issues I dealt with back when I breast fed my twins and what I see with clients, is the lack of sufficient back support with twin pillows. It was a constant battle and to be frank my back was never completely supported and comfortable with the pillow I used. I wholeheartedly believe this pillow has just the support required with no additional pillows needed. I was impressed!

Additional Support

In addition to back support for mom, it is important to have just the right amount of support in the pillow where your babies lay. Often you’ll hear a Lactation Consultant mention how important using pillows can be and purchasing a breastfeeding pillow. “Let the pillow(s) do the work” right? The Twin Z pillow proves to be the right amount of support. It offers the right amount of softness yet still firm enough to support the babies to be in the correct positioning to nurse. It isn’t too high or too low.

Waterproof cover

 If you go the waterproof route fear not my fellow stylist-as, they come in prints! You’re sure to find one to your liking. The waterproof Twin Z is still very soft and can easily be cleaned from the guaranteed milk incidences/spit up that is bound to occur. Should your preference be using a fabric cover, they are all removable and machine washable or you can spot treat with a damp, soapy cloth as needed.

What we would change

Would love to see the strap have the ability to be tightened further. As moms lose their postpartum belly, the strap for some may not stay tight enough.

Final Tip

As an IBCLC I always recommend having your breastfeeding pillow with you for the first initial nursings with the babies in hospital. You may not take this with you on delivery day, but assign your Mom or best-friend to bring in with them as your first visitors. Learning from the Nurses or Lactation Consultants as you will do at home is invaluable!

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