As a new mom to identical twin girls, I am concerned when I catch a glimpse of my post-baby body. With my girls only being a little over a month I’m not cleared to begin working out by my OB/Gyn. Insert the Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap. I’ve tried quite a few waist trainers and belly wraps both pre and during pregnancy so I was intrigued. I wore it on and off for a week in various situations and did see results even with limited wear. Here is my review of the claims:

Slims belly, waist and compresses abdominals

The wrap certainly makes you feel tight and right. Everything is compressed without feeling like your intestines are pushing into your back. I do wish the wrap accommodated the lower belly a bit better where moms tend to have the kangaroo pouch. But, it is quite comfortable and the material breathes. I wore it around the house, doing light work and out and about and did not experience a lot of sweat even under winter clothes. Be warned, it isn’t shapewear so it is quite visible under clothing and can look bulky. Wear loose clothing if wearing it out.

Supports back and improves breastfeeding posture

There is a noticeable difference between when you have the wrap on and off. This is a good thing. It supported my back and posture instantly. I walked around Costco and ran errands with my girls in a double front carrier and my back would’ve been on fire had the wrap not been on. With as much bending and picking up of babies us mothers do support is a must. The wrap does that.

Speeds recovery and helps shrink uterus

After a week I had lost about a ½ inch off my midsection. To be fair, I am four weeks postpartum and have already lost most of my pregnancy weight. Had I worn it right away the results would have been greater. This wrap probably works best if worn at the beginning of postpartum or if one has a significant amount of weight to lose. It should also be worn as much and as long as possible. The most I wore it was five hours straight and it was not uncomfortable in the least.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was pleased with the belly wrap and for the price I think it is a great option for new moms. Available to buy on Amazon for $39.99.

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