Finding out you are expecting two babies will be one of the most amazing blessings as a Mother. You may be completely excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. Soon after the shock of having twins wears off, you will wonder how raising two will be possible. It’s not only possible, but also incredibly rewarding with a bit of preparation and support.

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Where do I begin

Getting prepared for the new littles who are coming and all the new adjustments, it is important to become educated on all things twins. The demands and responsibilities with twins are doubled and preparation is key.

Attending an Expecting Twins class in your area will be incredibly helpful for you and your partner to ask questions and become informed on gear you will need for your babies and what you can do without. Information on how to get babies on a sleep schedule is a common question among twin parents, and through a class you will get useful information on how to implement these strategies when you bring your babies home. Also, how to feed babies at the same time is often twin parents’ number one concern. Taking a breastfeeding class and sleep class geared specifically for twins will help prepare parents in the long run and leave you well-equipped for what’s to expect.

We also highly suggest a CPR/First Aid class to anyone who will look after babies, as this will add peace of mind to prepare in any unexpected situation.

We encourage that all the preparation be done by 30 weeks, as over 50% of mamas carrying multiple babies may be put on modified bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Having your stroller and car seats are a must early on, in addition to their sleeping solutions. Everything else gear-wise can be done online!

Help is a must

Planning for family and friends to come over and help will make life with newborn twins less overwhelming.

Posting a list on the fridge of little tasks that family may tackle when they come over will relieve some of the workload off new, exhausted, sleep-deprived parents!

If find you are not close to family and friends that are able to help, getting outside help (such as a postpartum doula) who can come over a few days to help out in the mornings or afternoons to relieve mom for a bit may be beneficial. This will help immensely with feeling overwhelmed that you may not get to all the chores around the house plus tend to babies round the clock. This may only need to be for a bit in the beginning stages until you get your bearings.

Are you a new or expecting parent of Twins? Join our renowned Expecting Twins class or Breastfeeding Twins and Newborn Care with Twins class local to you or webinar online!

One-on-one time

Although at the beginning this may be easier said than done, building those attachments early on can be so beneficial for Mom as well as for each baby. Planning for a little one-on-one with each baby doesn’t have to be long stretches of time. It may be a feeding, a cuddle moment, or a babywearing session. For years to come they will feel like a unit instead of like two individual little beings. It will become apparent that time with each one will build an incredible bond for each baby with each parent.

Fellow Twin Mothers

Making twin mama friends may sound so far-fetched with newborn twins in tow, that you may think “I will never leave the house to make friends,” but this can be done in baby steps.

Early on you may start doing this through Facebook support groups in your city, as well as national groups where you will find amazing support through the comfort of your phone. Knowing someone is going through the same thing as you will feel reassuring. Once your babies get a bit older, seek out the Twins Club in your area and meet fellow Twin Moms. All it takes is one connection with another Twin Mama to share on your journey.

Be kind to yourself

This is so important as a new mother, but also as a new mom to TWO little beings. You can plan, but parenthood may not go according to that plan. And this goes for everything from delivery, to breastfeeding, to connecting with your babies, to feeling like yourself again, or being that wife, daughter, sister, or friend to your loved ones. Take it easy on yourself; it will all be a transition at first as you get your bearings. You and the babies are learning as you go. Accept help from people around you with household chores and with the babies. Take the time to take a shower or eat a meal. It’s all about taking it one day at a time until you are able to manage everything on your own. Embrace the beginning stages, as hard as they may seem; soon enough it will be a distant memory and you’ll wish you could go back, even for a moment!

About the author

Joanna Navarrete, CPRC, IMPI-CBP is Twin Love Concierge’s USA President and mother to three beautiful children–one girl and a set of fraternal boy/girl twins. You can contact Joanna – for more details on her pre and postnatal multiples services.