Quite a few of our Twin Love Concierge clients considered Placenta Encapsulation for a twin pregnancy as its a hot topic at the moment amongst pregnant mommies. Does it work? Is it worth the cost? Is the process a little too ‘gross’ as your are essentially consuming your own placenta and possibly even two placenta’s?

Our resident Blogger – Kate DiRienzo-Payne discusses how it worked for her after her fraternal Twins were born:


Eating my placenta?

When a couple of my friends had talked about encapsulating their placenta after giving birth, I will admit I was initially grossed out. Nothing seemed more horrifying than eating my own placenta. However, once I became pregnant with the twins and my doula brought it up in our class I decided to do some research into it and eventually changed my opinion.

Everything I read about placenta encapsulation lead me to believe that it would not only benefit me in my recovery from childbirth but the babies as well, as I was breastfeeding them. Given that the placenta is rich in nutrients, iron, proteins and minerals and you are so depleted after given birth, whether vaginally or via c-section, it started to make sense to me to encapsulate them.


The Process

According to the Brooklyn Placenta Services – the traditional method of preparing the capsules is Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and follows the preparation of lightly steaming the placenta before dehydration. Jalapeno pepper, lemon and ginger are added to the steaming pot to aid digestion, and promote warming for the mother. The placenta is then thinly sliced, dehydrated, and ground into a fine powder. The powder is then placed into capsules. 

Our birthing class had provided a couple resources for us to reach out to and once the babies were delivered the woman picked our placenta up at the hospital and encapsulated them for us then delivered the pills to my house a couple days after we arrived home. She brought with her directions on how many to take each day and for how long. I started with about 6 a day then gradually decreased the amount each week. The totally cost was around $200. It was so easy and having someone else handle it took away any strangeness I might have had about what we were choosing to do with our placentas.


Give me strength

Being a new mom, especially a new mom to twins, is a challenge. While you are physically trying to recover you have no real time to take care of yourself. Eating, sleeping, rest, all the things one would normally do having undergone such a huge medical feat, go out the window the moment you give birth. We moms put ourselves last, especially in the early days when you are trying to navigate having two little babies. I believe that giving yourself something natural that can help give you strength will only benefit you and your entire family. Even my mother who had never heard of such a thing would say to me each day “don’t forget your pills.”

Because I had two placentas I wielded quite a bit of pills so I still have some left over that I have often used when I am really drained or have been sick. I’ve even sprinkled a little in the baby’s milk when they aren’t feeling well. For me, it was something I was so happy we chose to do and would definitely do it again if I ever got pregnant.


Kate DiRienzo-Payne is an East Coast transplant living in Los Angeles with her husband, dog and stunning 17 month old twin boys. Before the twins she spent her time writing, acting and producing, living the quintessential LA lifestyle. After her twins she barely has time to write, has watched other people act in the 2 movies she has seen since the twins were born and barely felt the warm California sun on her skin for the first 6 months. Now life is totally different and she spends most of her time trying to navigate being a twin mom, but it is filled with more laughter, fun and overwhelming heart exploding love than she could ever imagine.


‘Every new and expecting Twin parent needs a little T.L.C’