Many expecting triplet families are overwhelmed by the thought of gear that babies need. Thankfully, having three babies doesn’t always necessarily mean having three times the “stuff.” In addition to three car seats and three cribs, here are the five things I couldn’t have survived without when my trio was little. If your triplets have already arrived, I’d love to hear what items you couldn’t have lived without in the early days!

Baby​ ​Carriers

The world can be a strange, and sometimes scary, place for newborns and the place where they feel most secure is cuddled up with their parent. Unfortunately with multiple babies, it can be hard to give each child the one-on-one time they’re looking for. Wearing a baby was a great way to soothe and bond with one baby, while still having the ability to care for their siblings. From stretchy wraps to soft structured carriers, my favorites carriers are the ones that allow you to be skin to skin with your baby, as there are well-documented benefits of kangaroo care for premature and full term infants.


Finding the perfect stroller for triplets can be a bit of a challenge- at one point our family had six different ones on the quest to finding the ideal mode of transportation. Triplet strollers tend to be quite large, very cumbersome to push and fold, and some even require special trailer hitches to bring them anywhere in your car. For the very early days, I loved using a double stroller with bassinets and wearing the third baby. It was on the small side, the babies could sleep safely if we were out and about all day, and it was relatively unobtrusive so we could get through a grocery trip without being stopped with triplet questions every two feet. Once all of the babies could sit unassisted, we used the Valco Tri Mode with Joey Seat. It was a bit like pushing a parade float around, with my daughter waving to everyone we passed from her perch, but it had a small footprint, was easy to fold and stow, and is usually easy to find on multiples resale sites. When we reached the age where the kids wanted to be in and out of the stroller constantly, we swapped to the Radio Flyer Triple Play wagon. It was small, light, had a surprising amount of storage, and allowed the kids to have a bit of independence as they could easily climb in and out on their own.

Bouncer​ ​Seat

There are seemingly a million infant seats on the market, all with different bells and whistles and vibration patterns and pockets to put your smart phone. The Baby Bjorn Bouncer was the one item that we used every single day for the first 2+ years of our children’s lives. The seats offer a number of different inclines for bottle feeding, the covers are easy to clean, they fold completely flat so they are great for travel, and there are no batteries or outlet required.

Backpack​ ​Diaper​ ​Bag

Three babies can go through a frightening amount of diapers and onesies over the course of a day. While there are some diaper bags that are touted as large enough for multiples, we struggled to find one that had space for everything, particularly enough insulated pockets for bottles. In the end, a large backpack with a smaller cooler inside ended up being our best solution, and that is still what we use almost five years later when we’re out and about. A gender-neutral backpack with lots of inner pockets can keep everything organized and can grow with your children, so you’re not left trying to figure out what to put in tiny pacifier compartments when you have three preschoolers. Plus running after three kids who are heading in three different directions is a lot easier to do wearing a backpack than a shoulder or messenger bag!


Although not a tangible item, support was a crucial piece of surviving our first year with triplets. All of the gear in the world couldn’t replace people who were there to provide a non-judgmental shoulder to cry on, much needed breaks to nap or shower, and food that wasn’t cold pizza for the 3rd meal in a row. Your whole world is going to be focused on taking care of your babies, so make sure there are people who will be taking care of you. From family and friends, to doulas and baby nurses, there are a number of support people available out there and I’d recommend making securing help a part of your preparations. Ultimately, it will end up being just as important as setting up cribs and installing car seats.

About the author

Emily Lindblad is Twin Love Concierge’s and Three Birds Family Education & Postpartum Care’s Postpartum Doula and Certified Newborn Care Specialist – providing perinatal support and education to Massachusetts families of multiples and Triplet parents worldwide. Emily is also the mother of triplets and knows first-hand that welcoming multiple newborns can be a daunting task. By providing practical tools and assistance, Emily provides families with the skills and confidence needed to successfully transition to life with twins, triplets, or more. For more information on our Triplet and Boston classes /services or to contact Emily, please email