Circumcision is a hot topic at the moment with recent articles referencing the possibility of extreme levels of pain to the infants when performed without any pain relief?! We often have parents ask each other in our expecting twins classes what their plans are for circumcision, so we asked five families of multiples how they came to the decision they did. We have kept the family names anonymous as we know this is an extremely sensitive topic – but an important one! Please share with us your opinions and remember we support all families and recognize that religion and certain medical situations can make the procedure necessary.

To circumcise or not our Twins?
I will forever be thankful that my triplet pregnancy gave me plenty of time to research many aspects of parenting prior to their births. One area I thought might be met with resistance by my husband, was the prospect of keeping our boys intact. Despite him being circumcised, once he learned the facts, he was all for keeping them whole. Since all the other males in my family are whole, it was expected I would question this procedure. Once I looked at the data, and realized there was no correlation between the practice of regular circumcision and a decrease in male genital health, it seemed like a no brainer. That said, the issue for me has always been a moral one. It’s a nonreversible, painful procedure that my child could not consent to. It is not a decision I felt comfortable making for them. A great resource for information on the medical & ethical ramifications of circumcision is Side note: My boys are now 13, and none of us have any regrets.
Parents to Boy/Boy/Girl Triplets
My husband and I had our triplet boys almost 13 years ago and our twin boys almost 10 years ago. We found out that the triplets were boys fairly early in the pregnancy. We didn’t start debating about whether or not to circumcise until closer to delivery. When they were born it was still the norm to circumcise males in America. At that time, a lot of doctors still claimed that it was more sanitary and reduced the risk of infection to be circumcised. Another factor that played into our decision is that my husband is circumcised. We felt like the boys should “look like their dad.”
Three years later, our twin boys came along and the norm was still to circumcise. Since we had circumcised the triplets it seemed like a no-brainer to circumcise the twins. If we had to make that decision today, we might not choose circumcision. Doctors now know a lot more about the subject and medical research has proven over and over again that circumcision doesn’t reduce infection and disease rates. In reality, circumcision has it’s own risks and I think that is often overlooked.
Parents to Boy/Boy/Boy Triplets and Boy/Boy Twins
When we knew we were having a boy with our boy/girl twin set, we knew without even talking about it that we were going to have him circumcised. Not because of any religious beliefs, but because we believed it was just more hygienic. We asked our OB and said that she would do it on day 3 after his birth in the hospital. I sent my husband to witness the whole thing, because I knew I couldn’t bear to see that procedure. He did and thought it was not pleasant by any means. I am so happy that she did it because it was done efficiently with minimal discomfort or complications. But in the end we were very happy with what that would mean to our little boy. Boys can be bit unhygienic at times, and even though you teach them to bathe and clean themselves, having to deal with underlying crevices that could hide bacteria, we thought it was just a low maintenance approach for when he needs to take care of himself. Even though pre-circumcision skin is to protect his parts, we wanted to avoid any complications later in his life due to hygiene.
Parents to Boy/Girl Twins
While we didn’t know what sex the twins were until they were born, we knew that if we were having boys we would not circumcise.  I did quite a bit of research leading up to our decision.  It was one of the first question’s I asked each pediatrician I interviewed.  Every Doctor said that there is no medical necessity to circumcise and no one saw a rise in UTI’s or infections in boys that were not circumcised.  I asked a few male friends who were not circumcised if they had any issues as teens and adults and they all said no. I also found that male circumcision began as a negative reaction to sex and was a means to repress a male’s sexual senses, as the most sensitive part of a penis is the foreskin.  So, after all our research, we felt it was a purposeful part of the body, therefore, neither of our boys were circumcised.
Parents to Boy/Boy Twins
When we knew we were expecting identical twin boys my husband and I mutually decided we would circumcise. From speaking to both our families and discussing with the boys future Pediatrician, we wanted to keep the family tradition and ensure that their would be no ‘cleanliness’ issues later in life. The procedure itself was difficult to watch, especially as a new mom where no doubt my hormone levels were still off the charts. We chose to use numbing cream for the procedure and both boys seemed to be in minimal pain with no issues in the weeks proceeding. I still question our decision now and then and the boys are 3 but we don’t live with any regrets!
Parents to Boy/Boy Identical Twins

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