Twin Love Concierge was created for multiple moms on bedrest as I was once one of those Moms. My husband and I were told we would need IVF to have babies due to several problems for both myself and also my husband. So when we found out 3 weeks before we were due to start the process that we were pregnant we were absolutely floored and over the moon. My Twin pregnancy was a mixture of highs and lows, placenta previa, low blood pressure, extreme morning sickness that required medication as i was losing too much weight and finally the dreaded BEDREST. From 26 weeks…. I am talking feet up on a pillow bedrest. No walking to the store. No laundry. No vacuuming. No entertaining. Nothing but my laptop and tv in bed.

I fast realised that the stress of having twins combined with the lack of ability to go and explore baby stores, attend expecting moms meet up groups,  catchups with Mom friends – any of the usual searching for help channels I couldn’t and wasn’t allowed to do.

So in that period of time I created this TLC service that assists bed rest moms for whatever they need in order to alleviate the stress of having twins, triplets, singletons if need be. We have sat on the beds of so many Twin Moms and alleviated tears of pure ‘fear of the unknown’. We have hugged Twin Dads and said it will get easier, your wife will be able to do things again. WE have even ordered a complete makeover for one expecting Twin Mom who wanted to still look gorgeous for her delivery and my goodness we gave her the best people in the business and she did look DIVINE!


I am so thankful to have met with TLC! I was put on bed rest very early on in my pregnancy and was unable to do any of the legwork to get ready – I felt very unprepared! The Associate was amazing – she was able to organize all of the to-dos, breaking down the important points, and offering guidance on how to get everything done. It was so valuable to have practical advice from someone who has not only been through it herself, talks regularly to other twin moms and understands the pros and cons of multiple ways of doing things. Local insights were a huge plus as well. Highly recommend!


So please know if you are an expecting Twin Mom on bedrest, you are not alone, around 50% of expecting multiple moms are placed on some form of bedrest and Twin Love Concierge is here to help. We will start with our 3hr personalised consultation for all your Twin need-to-knows and if you need anything further we are here for you until you bring your gorgeous babies home…then we may even recruit you to do Product reviews for us…


Shannon O’Reilly-Fearn

CEO & Founder

Mom to Identical Twin Girls