Creating your twin registry is exciting but also a little daunting. What do you need? How many do you need of each? Is it true you need two of everything? Here we cover the essentials for the ultimate twin registry and thanks to our friends at The Baby Cubby they are kindly offering you 15% off through their online store for everything we mention below and more. Woo hoo!


Bob Revolution Flex Duallie

When choosing a stroller the most important factor to take into consideration is your lifestyle. Are you more City parents – do you need this stroller fitting through narrow doorways ie 30 inches or less? Or are you more suburban parents – does this stroller need to be folded and put in your trunk a lot? These answers will help you first decide if you need a tandem or a side-by-side stroller and then you can go forth based on your budget.

The ones we love are the UppaBaby Vista 2015 which has the capacity for two carseats, two bassinets and a glider board should you have a toddler in toe. The Bumbleride Indie is a tried and tested favorite for many years now, it still remains the only eco double stroller available and we can’t wait until the 2016 models is released in August! Looking for a jogging stroller – you can’t find better than the BOB Revolution Duallie and if the Twins are your 2nd and 3rd child the Valco Twin Tri Mode is a double side-by-side with a joey seat in the front and we guarantee your Toddler will love the stadium view.


Chicco keyfit30

The number one rule of carseats and twins is making sure they are compatible with your stroller. All good Twin strollers have an adaptors option that allows you to click the car seats onto the stroller frame and use that as your travel system for the first few months. But these adaptors are not universal, so you need to make sure you match your car seats with the brands and models that fit your stroller. We love Maxi-Cosi’s as they are incredibly light (perfect for when you are carrying two) and also Chicco Keyfit 30s have been a cost-effective favorite for many years. If you need more help selecting your carseat here is a comprehensive guide for further tips.

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Babyletto Scoot

Cribs come in so many shapes, colors and even sizes now – think mini cribs – and given you are buying two we always recommend making sure they have a toddler conversion so that they have longevity of use. When the Twins reach two or so you can replace one side of the crib with a Toddler rail which makes the investment last at least another two years. The Babyletto cribs are amazing quality for the price and easy to build and dismantle. As an insider tip, if you find the cribs need a little paint touch up (think teething babies) you can call Babyletto and order touch up pens which make them look brand new again!



Where you can save money on cribs it is worth putting these cost savings into a good quality mattress. Naturepedic mattresses are incredibly lightweight and made from organic cotton. You can choose the double side infant/toddler one so that when it comes time to transition to beds you can flip the mattress over and again it’s useful for another few years.




Pacifiers are what we classify as a ‘personal parenting preference’ as to whether you decide to give to the Twins. What’s important to us is that you chose ones that are made from natural materials as we don’t want babies to ingest any nasties. Natursutten make 100% natural, fully biodegradable pacies and they are our absolute favorite!




The Owlet monitor is one of the most talked about products this year by our Twin parents. Given multiples are born smaller in size, on average 5/5.5lbs, many parents feel they need the extra reassurance to help them get a few winks of sleep. This monitor fits like a sock over one the babies feet and then reports to your iPhone/iPad etc any activity that you should be alerted to via an alarm. Please note for twins you require two devices i.e 2 x iPhones, iPads etc as its doesn’t have the capacity yet to multi-monitor on the one device.



Ju Ju Be BFF

The agony of choosing a diaper bag, we know, we hear your groans from here. The most important feature is functionality and the ability for it to fit on your stroller handles. You don’t want to be juggling holding a diaper bag whilst pushing the stroller nor do you want it taking up your precious space in the basket below. The JuJuBe BF is the perfect size without being too big and the quality materials mean you won’t need to replace after a year as its been dragged around everywhere you go. Darker colors  show less milk and food stains so skip the pastels and stick to the tried and true.



Less is more when it comes to Twins. You don’t need 2 x swings, 2 x bouncers, you just need some key activity toys that you can rotate amongst the babies. The 4Moms MamaRoo is a fantastic solution as it provides movement in all forms – swinging, bouncing, swaying and you can even bluetooth your music through it. The seat pad is easily removable to wash and the modern design is gender neutral which helps for all combinations of Twinnies.



As much as we can suggest brands that are favorites amongst Twin parents your babies are going to be in charge here. They will tell you what type of nipple they prefer – standard vs wide neck – and they will either take instantly to the shape or let it drop right out of their mouths much to your despair. The Comotomo Natural Feel bottles are a unique design that have been well received by babies – the silicone, squeezable body also allows babies to start holding their bottles sooner (if you wish) as its easy to grab and hold onto. Our tip – make sure you assign each Twin a color of bottle. This allows you at 2am to know easily how much each baby fed without tiredness and confusion


We can talk baby gear all day long but these are a few of our favorites available on As a special treat they are giving our readers 15% off so use code twinloveconcierge15 and happy shopping! Also keep an eye on the the baby cubby blog and their ‘cubby picks‘ as they have a great team of knowledgable experts and unlike many retail stores they really care about Moms and Dads by wanting to provide the best products available. As always share with us your thoughts and of course what you buy!

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