Congratulations on being 24 weeks pregnant with Twins, you are now well into your second trimester! It’s an exciting yet overwhelming time, with so much to learn about the Twins fetal development and we are here to help you every step of the way

By 24 weeks your twins already look a lot like newborns, although they’re much thinner, with wrinkled skin. This is because their baby fat is still developing, but they’re getting plumper and heavier every day.

This stage of pregnancy is particularly exciting, because it’s around now that your babies’ hearing becomes more developed. Before now, they may have heard your heartbeat, and other sounds from your body like your tummy gurgling. But soon, they’ll be able to hear your voice, which will help them recognise you after they’re born.

Your twins will also hear some sounds from the world around you, although not as clearly as they’ll hear your voice. Research suggests that if you play music while you’re feeling relaxed throughout later pregnancy, the same music may help to soothe your babies after they’re born.

At 24 weeks, your twins have distinct lips and their eyes are formed. However, your babies’ true eye colour won’t be revealed until well after the birth, when they’re about nine months old.

Even this early, your babies’ milk teeth are already well-developed, and the tooth buds for their permanent teeth will soon form. You’ll probably see your twins’ first teeth break through their gums about five months to seven months after the birth, though it can happen much earlier or later than this.

Your twins still aren’t completely ready to breathe air, but their lungs are continuing to develop and mature each day. Their other organs, such as the pancreas and liver, and glands which produce hormones, are still growing.

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