Congratulations on your triplet pregnancy!

Twin Love Concierge’s expertise has been recognized by OBGYN’s and High Risk Medical Practitioners all over the world. Our education comes with the prestigious certification from the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. We provide invaluable support to expecting parents allowing peace of mind to relax and continue to grow the Triplets as long as possible or focus on bringing home the babies (for surrogate and adoptive parents).

Through experience we recognize that having Triplets is significantly different from having Twins so we offer special services with our resident multiples expert – Jessica Orr, MEd. – certified Newborn Care specialist and most importantly Mom to triplets.

Skype Consultations

One on one Skype consultations for expecting triplet parents

Our Triplet Expert will advise on all areas of concern for expecting and new parents – the best baby gear based on the families budget; nursery and home setup; sleeping, feeding, baby-wearing & scheduling techniques, what to expect in a triplet pregnancy, how to organize for your first weeks home, assistance sourcing help including best practice methods (Nanny’s, Doula’s and Baby Nurses), finding a reputable Pediatrician and more.

These private sessions are 100% personalized and designed to minimize discomfort for all within your current circumstances. Our goal at the end of this consultation is for you to feel totally enabled that you and your new family are on the right path.

These sessions last approx 3 hrs – preferably with all parents and carers involved.

Cost – $120 (per family)

Email – to secure a consultation

Please note each consultation includes two weeks post care – we will be at your service to answer calls/emails during business hours.

Online Expecting Triplets Class

We also offer online Expecting Triplets Classes via Skype (camera and microphone required). This workshop lasts for approx 2.5 hours and covers all of the above content within a live, group environment.

Cost – $95 (per family)

For these services you will be sent a TLC Triplet Parent Pack:

A complete Triplet Baby Gear Registry including recommended brands
A Triplet Daily Schedule for you to populate when the babies arrive
An eco-focused complete House Clean checklist
A list of all Multiple Discounts on the market to date
A sample Nanny Contract and top tips to remember when hiring/finding extra help
Triplet Birth plan and areas to personalize
Triplet Scheduling examples and guidelines to follow
Tandem Breastfeeding positions and best method tips

And much more…

Upcoming Classes

Saturday, September 11th, 2021 @ 1:30pm EST / 10:30am PST