Twin Love Concierge’s expertise has been recognised by OBGYN’s, Midwives and High Risk Medical Practitioners all over the world. Our education comes with the prestigious certification from the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. We provide expertise to expecting parents when preparing for Twins or Triplets and allow peace of mind to relax and continue to grow the babies or focus on bringing them home. Recently we have added post pregnancy support – we can help you get the twins on a schedule, alleviate any feeding issues, help you develop successful bedtime routines and more.

For our Expecting Twins Classes please click here, or our Breastfeeding Twins Classes please click here or see below for our Personal Consultations and Concierge Services:


Free phone consultation (approx. 30mins) – we will discuss your current family circumstances and how our expertise can help you. We ask that you prepare beforehand with your top three areas of concern for having or having had multiples. For Mothers on bedrest please let us know what your current week of pregnancy is so we can prepare areas of priority.


In-home or in-office consultations within select areas of the UK and USA or we offer Skype consultations worldwide.

These sessions last approx 3 hrs+, preferably with all parents involved.

Our Twin professionals will advise on all areas of concern for expecting and new parents, such topics can include as follows:

Birthing twins or triplets both vaginal/C section
The role of your birth partner in vaginal or C section birth
Coping with labour pain and what choices do you have
Creating a realistic twin birth plan
Recovery after a C-section or a vaginal birth
Prematurity, NICU/SCBU and what you need to know
How to breastfeed and bottle-feed both babies
Baby-wearing two babies
Sleeping options with twins or triplets and how to develop an appropriate routine
Baby gear you do and don’t need for twins and triplets
Maintaining healthy relationships after having twins
Finding and recruiting reputable postnatal support – Maternity Nurse, Nanny, Doula’s and more
Nursery and Home setup ready for the babies

These private sessions are 100% personalised and designed to minimize discomfort for all within your current circumstances. Our goal at the end of this consultation is for you to feel totally enabled that you and your new family are on the right path.

Each consultation includes four weeks post care – we will be at your service to answer calls/emails during business hours.

As part of this consultation you be left with a T.L.C Twin Parent Pack that provides set-by-step reference guides to all that was discussed in the session. From a Twin Baby Gear Registry including recommended brands, Twin Daily Schedule for you to populate when the babies arrive through to a sample Nanny contract and Twin Birth Plan with areas to personalise

Preparing for Twins packages start at $150


Developing a T.L.C package (if required) – based on the in-home consultation we will develop a tailored package with the additional help needed. This can include the purchase and setup of baby gear (and teaching you how to use correctly), registry creation, baby shower planning, nutrition plans, twin nursery design, sleep consultant, lactation consultation or any of the above listed services and more!