Twin Love Concierge’s expertise has been recognised by OB/GYN’s, Midwives and Pediatricians all over the country. We provide expertise to new parents of Twins or Triplets in the form of post pregnancy support – we can help you get the babies on a schedule, alleviate any feeding issues, help you develop successful bedtime routines and more.

See below for a selection of our services.

Sleep Professionals

Our resident Sleep Expert is a certified Sleep Consultant from the FSI and ICF and specializes in multiples. Covering key areas from successful bedtime routines, sleep patterns for all ages and a variety of sleep training techniques – Lauren is renowned for helping hundreds of families transform their Twins sleep and naptimes. As a Mom to Multiples herself, she knows firsthand how important hands-on experience is in the land of Twins is inorder to assist you!

Sleep & Twins packages start at $120

Scheduling Consultants

Our Twin and Triplet Associates can provide you with step-by-step scheduling education for the first few months at home. One of the hardest transitions to being a parent of multiples is the constant feeding and lack of sleep, with our expertise we can put you on the right path to tandem feeding and sleeping with a focus on helping Mom and/or Dad get some rest.

Scheduling packages start at $95

Baby Nurses, Doula’s, Nanny’s & Au Pairs

Finding professional help with multiples experience is not easy! We work with an array of outstanding individuals and organisations, dependant on budget, that can be the perfect fit for you and the babies.

Childcare research packages start at $95

Tandem Breast and Bottle Feeding Lactation Consultants

Our IBCLC and Lactation consultants are not only specialised in tandem feeding but mothers of multiples themselves. From breast to bottle feeding – they will advise, educate and support you in the best method possible for your family.

Lactation and Feeding service packages start at $110