Congratulations on becoming the parent of twins!!! You have become part of an exclusive club. The journey is amazing, yet crazy at times, especially during the newborn stage.

Read on and see how many of these you can relate to, whether it’s your current situation or you have already gone through it. Ah, the joy of twins!!

You know you have newborn Twins when…(insert drumroll here)

-You are so sleep deprived that you can no longer speak in sentences. One word utterances will have to make do

-You can’t decide who cries more…the babies or you

-Baby vomit on your clothing is your new “accessory”

-Showering is deemed a luxury

-Your living room looks like the warehouse at Buy Buy Baby

-You refer to your washing machine as your “significant other”

-Getting peed on during a diaper change is as natural as breathing

-A bowl of cereal is now considered “fine dining”

-The idea of packing the babies up to visit family or friends seems more complicated than your delivery

-During middle of the night feeds, you search desperately for a neighbor’s light to be on. Seriously, is anyone else awake??!!

-Your friend calls you to complain about how hard it is to take care of her one baby and all you can do is laugh. “Really?, I can take care of your one baby with my eyes shut and one hand tied behind my back!”.

Hang in there newborn moms and dads. It’s all a phase-try to enjoy it when you can.

About the Author: Jen Genel LMSW, TLC’s Pre & Postpartum New York Associate, is a licensed Social Worker who has spent her career helping children with special needs, as well as providing support to their families. In 2013, Jen gave birth to her beautiful twins Jake and Rachel. Although she had an idea that things would “get busy” once the twins were born, she did not fully realize just how busy it would be. Jen is also the founder of the blog – it gives the reader a humorous look into her life with her twins. You can reach Jen at for more information on our New York services.

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